December 3rd is an important Day In Metal. The mighty Slayer released their debut album, Show No Mercy. Dissection gave us their timeless black metal classic, The Somberlain. December 3rd also marks the birth of a true metal titan. Yes, we know. Ozzy Osbourne was born on this day in 1948 but, aside from pretty much inventing metal, making some of the greatest songs of all-time and being one of the genre’s enduring icons for over half a century, what’s Ozzy ever done for us? No, we refer of course to This Day In Metal’s very own Lindsay C!

For many, 1988 was the ultimate year of metal. Iron Maiden’s Seventh Son, Queensryche’s Mindcrime, Metallica’s Justice, Slayer’s South of Heaven, Helloween’s Keeper Part 2, Anthrax’s State of Euphoria, King Diamond’s Them, Ozzy’s No Rest and Manowar’s Kings of Metal… could it get any better? Well, it did. Somewhere in the bleak Scottish highlands, right in the eye of THE EPIC METAL STORM OF 1988, emerged Lindsay C. They say, even now, that if you walk widdershins around the gates to the Kingdom of Fife after midnight, you will reveal Thee Auld Loch of Leather, the molten portal that forged this mighty warrior of metal.

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Throughout the years, Lindsay has served the Great God Metal and become one of its most loyal subjects and most notable heralds. We reached out to a few fellow metal icons for their thoughts on the birthday girl:

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Eddie The ‘Ead recalls Lindsay with fondness: “Oh yeah, me and Lindz go way back, nights out drinkin’ at the Ruskin Arms and all that. Not many people know this, but the sword I’m holdin’ in the Senjutsu art was a gift from Lindsay after a big Kendo sesh. I mean, yeah, she’s chopped me ‘ead off a few times now but at least I got this wicked sword out of it. And hey, look at these scars? Pretty cool, huh?”

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Snaggletooth the Warpig weighed in with more happy memories: “PHRRRGRH, GRGRGRHHHHH, RGRGGGGGRGGGHHH, HRRRRRRRRRRGH!! PHRHRHNHNNGNNHHGHRRH!” Aww, thanks for that, Snags. We agree entirely.

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We also reached out to Riot’s mascot, Johnny, but he was unavailable for comment. He did however send Lindsay his Seal of Approval.

When asked how she was enjoying the day so far, Lindsay replied “Och, it’s braw, ah’ll tek a wee dram and be bonny, aye. Now awa’ an bile yer heid!” Unfortunately, no one at This Day In Metal is fluent in Scottish but we’re all certain she’s having a great day and wish her the very best!

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Finally, we received a mysterious package at the TDIM offices from Ghost founder Papa Emeritus . To be honest, the contents of the tape inside sounded like an unlistenable noise (with faint echoes of ABBA) but we played it backwards and deciphered the following message in Latin:

Laetus natalis tibi
Laetus natalis tibi
Laetus natalis cara Lindsay
Laetus natalis tibi

Papa also provided us with a pack of special birthday candles and a “party skull”, which we lit while we played his tape backwards. What’s the worst that could happen?

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Happy birthday, Lindsay!!!! Yesterday, today, EVERY DAY HEAVY METAL!!!