Ozzy Osbourne has given so much to the music industry for over 5 decades. From his early days in Black Sabbath, right through to today with his very successful solo career. We should be thanking him for his contributions and with the launching of Ozzfest, the bands that are now enjoying success is all thanks to Ozzy.

From the start of the year, I was very fortunate to have had Mrs Osbourne herself showing her support for my decade long campaign by featuring the link to the petition on her Instagram bio, which she kept on there for the better part of the year. Since that time we had only managed a few extra thousand signatures or more. Which is really quite disappointing if you think about it.

The media had completely ignored the fact that she had done this and with the support of Rob Halford there, you would have thought otherwise with the response.

Many musicians have received the honour of knighthood including Rod Stewart, who had wanted the accolade for so very long. In the end, his wish was granted.

Ozzy Osbourne himself had even tweeted the question of whether we think he deserves a knighthood and included the link to the petition on September the 19th, 2019.

Since it is his 73rd Birthday today, I believe it would be extremely fitting for everyone who has loved his music and has been inspired by him to take a few minutes and sign the petition in support of his knighthood nomination. That is all that is needed on your part, such a small part to play in comparison to the huge contribution that Ozzy has made over the years to bring you the very best in entertainment for over 50 years.

A knighthood for Ozzy Osbourne would be the ‘Cherry on the cake’ as he had once described in a past interview a few years ago.

Happy Birthday “Sir” Ozzy Osbourne!

Helen Maidiotis

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