Coming out on January 14th, this two album set includes studio tracks like “Shoot ‘Em Down”, “I Wanna Rock” and “Leader Of The Pack”.

During the course of their career, Twisted Sister has released 6 studio albums and many Compilations.

Just last year, Dee Snider released his 5th studio album “Leave a Scar” to fantastic reviews. It was even ranked number 10 on “This Day in Metal’s” Top 25 albums of the year.

Did you know…. The band was originally called “Silver Star”.

Track listing

Album 1

01. Under The Blade 
02. Shoot ‘Em Down 
03. The Kids Are Back 
04. I Am (I’m Me) 
05. You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll 
06. We’re Not Gonna Take It 
07. I Wanna Rock 
08. The Price 
09. Leader of The Pack 
10. Fire Still Burns 
11. Hot Love 
12. Wake Up The Sleeping Giant

Album 2

01. What You Don’t Know Sure Can Hurt You (Live from the Marquee)
02. Sin After Sin (Live from the Marquee)
03. Tear It Loose (Live from the Marquee)
04. Stay Hungry (Live from Hammersmith)
05. Knife In The Back (Live from Hammersmith)
06. We’re Gonna Make It (Live from Hammersmith)
07. Destroyer (Live from Astoria)
08. Ride to Live (Live from Astoria)
09. Come Out & Play (Live from Astoria)
10. S.M.F. (Live from Astoria)

For more on Twisted Sister go to the band’s website HERE


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