Feb 24th 1975 Led Zeppelin released the GREAT album “Physical Graffiti”

Did you know..
The album debuted at number one on both Billboard and Official Charts
The album was later certified 16x platinum in the USA by the RIAA.

Feb 24th 1984 Lee Aaron released the album “Metal Queen”

Did you know
When she was fifteen years old, she was asked to join a rock group called “Lee Aaron”.

Feb 24th 1992 Not Fragile released their debut album “Hard to Be Alive”

Did you know
Japan only release of “One Way to Glory” which was recorded in 1989 but not released until 1992.

Feb 24th 1994 Cradle of Filth released their debut album “The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh”

Did you know
This would be their only album featuring guitarist Paul Ryan and keyboardist Benjamin Ryan.

Feb 24th 1997 Sodom released the album “’Til Death Do Us Unite”

Did you know
It was the first Sodom album with guitarist Bernermann and drummer Bobby Schottkowski.

Feb 24th 1998 Morbid Angel released the album “Formulas Fatal To The Flesh”

Did you know
This is the first album to feature singer/bassist Steve Tucker.

Feb 24th 1998 King Diamond released the album “Voodoo”

Did you know
Dimebag Darrell did a guitar solo on the song “Voodoo”.
It was their first album to feature drummer John Luke Hébert.

Feb 24th 2004 Cannibal Corpse released the album “The Wretched Spawn”

Did you know
This is the last studio album to feature Jack Owen, one of the band’s founding members.

Feb 24th 2010 Dark Tranquility released the album “We Are The Void”

Did you know
It was their first and only album with bassist Daniel Antonsson who joined in 2008 and left in 2013.

Feb 24th 2014 Hirax released the album “Immortal Legacy”

Did you know
It was their last with Jorge Iacobellis on drums.

Feb 24th 2017 Power Trip released the album “Nightmare Logic”

Did you know… Loudwire ranked it number 1 of the “25 Best Metal Albums of 2017″

Feb 24th 2017 Six Feet Under released the album “Torment”

Did you know
It is their first album to feature drummer Marco Pitruzzella.

Feb 24th 2017 Immolation released the album “Atonement”

Did you know….
The album peaked at number 19 on the Billboard 200.
This is the first album to use the original Immolation logo since the 1996 Here in After album.

Feb 24th 2017 Ex Deo released the album “The Immortal Wars”

Did you know
The band is a side project of Kataklysm frontman Maurizio Iacono, and is based on the history of the Roman Empire.


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