Ok so starting off this is just my personal preferences, I’m sure you’ll have a different Top 10.

10. This Present Wasteland (2008)

Never will you leave your home, never knowing you’re alone
Shut in has become a way of life
Business at the speed of light, a fast connection will change your life
Have I lost it, have I gone too far
I’m on the run, I’m on the take, but I bought into it, and it is all fake
I lost myself, now who am I
I am just a screen name and a new profile
I never dreamed that this would be the path I was meant to follow

Favourites include Deeds of a Dead Soul and Monster.

9. The Weight of the World (2004)

You’re caught in a vice by your own device, torment and pressure, a way of life
You felt the stardom and tasted the fruit, you claw your way back
It’s all that you can do
Falling from grace, so many have done, get to the top and bask in the sun
Make some mistakes, it’s part of the game, when you play it everything’s to gain
The weight of the world upon your shoulders, it’s the weight of the world

Favourites include Weight of the World and Blood Money.

8. Masterpeace (1999)

My time is finished here
Now choose what you must do
My eyes have shed the tears
And paid the price for you
Many here have seen the light
The devil sits and wonders
The man who keeps his heart a stone
Is the man who sleeps with thunder

Favourites include Sleeps with Thunder and Faster Than Life.

7. Blessing in Disguise (1989)

You’re dying on a stretcher
We’ll try to save your life
If you can’t afford my service
I will let you die
I’m trusted and respected
Says my diploma on the wall
Before I will do anything
I’ll give your bank a call

I’m a healer
I will keep you all alive
I’m a healer

Favourites include Fake Healer and Badlands.

6. The Human Factor (1991)

I pay out money with a check, I never use the cash
Collectors closing in on me, is this some kind of test?
Borrow is my middle name, the banks give graciously
With interest rates that terrify, they knock you senselessly

Bounce a check, lie a bit, do without
I’m in hiding, just leave me be
This is the first step to my date with poverty

Favourites include Date with Poverty and The Final Word.

5. XI (2016)

All the kings and all their Kingdoms
Pay the price for all your needs
All the kings know what they’re doing
Live your life like there will be,
No tomorrow!
No tomorrow!

Favourites include No Tomorrow and Killing Your Time.

4. Metal Church (1984)

Negotiations are over
Troops are marching to their doom
All that I see is a nightmare
The smoke is blotting out the moon
No, God please stop this bloody slaughter
We are off the beaten track
All the masses are rebelling
To withstand the dark attack
Will we make it back beyond the black?

Favourites include Gods of Wrath and Beyond the Black.

3. Hanging in the Balance (1993)

God, don’t you hear me? God, don’t you care?
Cause if you did, my friend
You wouldn’t leave me hangin’ on this way
Somebody turn on the lights, somebody give me some air
I’m in the middle of a nasty situation
That is leading me on nowhere
I gotta hear you tonight, I gotta know that you care
You got me down on my knees
And I’m praying and I gotta know you’re really out there

Favourites include Gods of Second Chance and Conductor.

2. The Dark (1986)

In a darkened graveyard glows a light
I see it shine there every night
I know somewhere there’s a hidden door
There’s an answer here we must explore
No, I’ll not submit to reason
I’ll sit and watch the seasons change

We watch the children pray
Save us, God today
Come whatever may

Favourites include Watch the Children Pray and Start the Fire.

1. Damned If You Do (2018)

I hear you screaming
Get off of my back
I hear it every day
How will it feel
When your world’s turning black?
How can it feel so good?

‘Cause you’re living
Living by the numbers
Living by the numbers
‘Cause you’re living
Living by the numbers

Favourites include By the Numbers and the title track.


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