Album Review: Long Distance Calling – Eraser

Dynamic German post-rock quartet Long Distance Calling have returned with their 8th studio album Eraser, an immersive and progressive addition to their already solid discography. It centres round the theme of a gradual erosion of nature at the hands of mankind with the record itself being dedicated to the world’s endangered species with each track representing one particular creature which is facing extinction.

Bassist Jan Hofmann says “our new video for the album’s title track Eraser showcases the human role in our time of destruction and war while erasing our beautiful planet stone by stone, tree by tree, species by species. We all (we as a band and individuals) are part of the problem and its about time to finally steer into the right direction. It’d almost too late, the time to act is NOW.”

‘Enter Death Box‘ is a piano-led melancholy, one minute long introduction which blends in to ‘Blade,’ a technical guitar-heavy, mid-tempo track. ‘Kamilah‘ was the first track to be released from the record which centres around the Gorilla in particular; an evocative, melodically melancholic offering which soars, twists and turns with various layers of sound and dynamic solos. ‘500 Years‘ opens with a slow and ominous build-up before exploding with atmospherically progressive metal-tinged crescendos.

Sloth‘ is aptly named as it gradually builds throughout it’s 7 minute long timeframe, predominantly led by saxophone and poignant guitar solos. ‘Giants Leaving‘ (which is dedicated to the Albatross) picks up the pace with a faster tempo and an almost march-like beat with a higher sense of urgency then drops to a more ambient synth-infused sound before picking up again. ‘Blood Honey‘ is a 10 minute long progressive minefield capitalising on the use of synth to create a haunting ambience. ‘Landless King‘ utilises groove and metal-infused melodies and the title track closes the record with a more progressive metal vibe full of foreboding and technical wizardry as it mellows out to it’s finale.

Long Distance Calling have clearly utilised their time and energy during the COVID-19 lockdowns to produce a record which is both thought provoking and musically expressive. A crisp, immersive and heartfelt endeavour showcasing the band’s musical prowess and creativity whilst delivering an important message.

Eraser will be released on the 26th August 2022. You can preorder the record here.

Rating: 7.5/10

Released By: earMusic

Release Date: 26th August 2022

For Fans Of: Collapse Under The Empire, Tides From Nebula, We Are All Astronauts

Favourite Tracks: Kamilah, 500 Years, Giants Leaving

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