Loud, heavy, dark, atmospheric, grandiose, occasionally melodic, always epic, Ashen Crown have something for everyone. The extreme/death metal hybrid quintet from the West Midlands, UK have already made their stage presence known having played the likes of Bloodstock Open Air, Hammerfest and Amplified. An electrifying and raw brutal energy full of epic riffs and crushing vocals, Ashen Crown guarantee to open the pit up and get you headbanging with influences from At The Gates, Bolt Thrower, Pantera, Gojira and Slayer.

Vocalist Kieran Scott says of their sound: “if I had to pigeon-hole us; dark, moody, emotive, heavy, melodic just kind of altogether. One thing that we want to do moving forward as well and with stuff we’ve already done with Obsolescence, it’s more kind of like cathartic sort of uplifting, powerful songs, you know? Songs like ‘Right to Rise’ off Obsolescence, that song is, when we play it live, we all absolutely love playing it live. We all feel it and it’s that kind of powerful, grandiose-ness, we want to kind of portray that.”

Check out the interview with Ashen Crown’s vocalist Kieran Scott below. You can also follow the band on their social media sites:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ashencrown.uk

Twitter: www.twitter.com/AshenCrown

YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/AshenCrown/featured

Bandcamp: Ashen Crown (bandcamp.com)