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Montagne have blended a post hardcore approach with a classic old school death metal sound with an overriding message to confront and challenge every hierarchal relationship and rise above. Originating from Paris, the band’s latest album ‘Black Waterfall‘ is a heavy, sludgey, blistering yet atmospheric record drawing inspiration from the likes of Gojira, Cult of Luna and Shai Hulud. Check out the written interview with vocalist and guitarist Luc below.

TDIM: Can you introduce yourself and give a brief history of the band?

Luc: Hi! I am Luc, I am 30 and I play guitar and do vocals in a Parisian Post Hardcore band called Montagne. Montagne was founded in 2016 in Paris by members that came out from the hardcore scene but with the willingness to do something else, something closer to the post-hardcore scene with strong sludge and old school death metal influences. The band released its first EP “Exorde” and played its first shows during 2017. After a tour in Europe, a second short EP “Spring Birds” came out in 2018 thanks to Dingleberry Records, Hardcore for the Losers Records and Bad Wolf Records. Then, the band played some shows and did another tour in Europe. During 2019, Montagne recorded “Black Waterfall” that came out in September 2020 with the help of a lot of labels: ( Sleepy Dog Records(fr), Bad Wolf Records(fr), APB Records(fr), Joe Cool Records(fr), Brigante Records(it), Abyssal Cult(eng) and Out Of Thunes Records(fr), that album was mixed and mastered by Lewis Johns (who has worked with Conjurer, Employed To Serve, Svalbard and many others bands) . Montagne is going to release a new EP during January 2023, this one will be the first that has been recorded with the new 4 member line up.

TDIM: Where did you get the inspiration for the band name?

Luc: Montagne means ‘Mountain,’ this name is a bit lame but we like it. We just wanted it to be the heaviest thing on earth. Montagne was also the name of the more left-wing part of “la convention nationale” during the French Revolution which
leads to the end of feudalism in France but also sadly leads to the beginning of industrialized capitalism. There were some reflections about propriety among the people (Like Gracchus Babeuf did) from the “Montagne” but still the French revolution is a Bourgeois Revolution. As a French kid, school would teach you that the French revolution was the people’s revolution but that’s not true, “la Montagne” failed and let the Bourgeois totally take the power through capitalism.

TDIM: How would you describe your sound?

Luc: We are doing some kind of blend between classic post hardcore / post metal band (Neurosis, Cult of Luna etc.) and old school death metal with some melodic hardcore and screamo influences.

TDIM: Which bands are your biggest influences?

Luc: As kids we were all listening to Gojira’s “The Link” and “From Mars to Sirius” like a lot of people in France we consider “From Mars to Sirius” a masterpiece that will last forever. When we started to get involved in the scene bands from Bridge Nine
Records like Ruiner, Miles Away and others were important for us. Shai Hulud is also a huge influence and, for a lot of reason, the French band Nine Eleven is also a huge influence as it was the best melodic hardcore you could have seen in 2010’s and their political approach had a huge impact everywhere. Deftones is also a big influence, I think people can feel it in the chords we’re using.

TDIM: You released your album Black Waterfall in September 2020. How did theglobal pandemic impact the writing and recording process?

Luc: The recording of the album was finished before COVID started. We had to postpone the release and to cancel a tour, this was really a weird and hard time for us. The band was only existing for 3 years and we had to stop when we were the most ready to tour (and still young ahah).

TDIM: Is there a particular theme or story behind Black Waterfall?

Luc: All the lyrics were written during the “yellow vest” movement, it deals with the way capitalism has influence on each part of our social behavior and habits. There are references to the “invisible committee”, radical ecology, state violence and extractivism and other themes of classical anarcho-communism.

TDIM: Are there any tracks that are your favourite or that you’re particularly proud of?

Luc: For sure “We’re Not Embarking On An Interstellar Journey” as we found our alchemy in this track, our musical recipe. Merging low tempos riffs, ambient moments and very fast, epic sections, if people like this track, they really need to hear the material coming out soon!

TDIM: If you were to pick a track from your discography to introduce someone to your music for the first time, which track would you pick?

Luc: “We’re Not Embarking On An Interstellar Journey” for the same reasons.

TDIM: Can we expect new music to come soon?

Luc: We will release a 3 track EP (for 18min) called “Poudreuse” in January.

TDIM: You’re about to head out on a mini tour, what are the best and worst things about touring/playing live?

Luc: We just came back from the mini tour and it was great. We had the opportunity to play our news songs coming out in January, it’s always a good thing to try new materials live before it’s release cause you can realise how people react to it. It
allows you to take a step back on your own music.

The best thing about touring is discovering venues and the bonds you create with people you would have never known without music. In our case this tour was also the opportunity to see that political and non profit venues are still existing in Europe which is good news because we’re not sure things would continue after the pandemic. I’m not saying that this band is only going to play in political venues and non profit venues but as in other arts, when music is linked to a political approach, the quality and creativity can be better, more humble and more passionate. Creativity in art comes from activism and struggles not from “pure artistic move”, an artistic production done without any political approach is not an artistic performance, it’s a merchant and aesthetic approach.

The worst thing about touring depends for everyone, some are missing their home, others are missing people they love too much to appreciate it, some are tired, and some are sick in the van ahah.

TDIM: If you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be? It can be a venue, festival, country etc.

Luc: We would love to play in Asia, South Korea for example or maybe Japan or even Indonesia but for now no-one knows our band there so I’m not sure any local tour manager would bring us there.

TDIM: If you could put together your own super band of any members, living or dead, who would you pick?

Luc: A band with Hendrix, Edith Piaf, Aznavour and Mike Portnoy would be the perfect band!

TDIM: Where can we find your music online?

Luc: Everywhere that has a play button!

You can follow the band on their social media sites below:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/montagneband

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/montagneband/

Bandcamp: https://montagneoutdoor.bandcamp.com/

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