Album Review: Primal Fear - Code Red

Primal Fear destroys everything in its path with its powerful new album

Album Review: Primal Fear - Code Red

Primal Fear is one of those bands that have already come a long way but unfortunately have not yet received the recognition they deserve as a standard bearer of today's heavy metal.

A few days ago, we had the pleasure of listening to their new studio album, the 13th in their discography that also includes live albums and compilations.

Code Red opens with a very heavy old school Another Hero, a simple but powerful riff, starting with a scream from Ralf Scheepers, who 25 years later it seems that his voice is still completely intact, the freshness with which the production merges perfectly with the intact voice of Scheepers gives a very good result.

Bring That Noise brings us back to the epic Primal Fear, the one that still marks the influence of Gamma Ray and the power metal of the 80's and early 90's, another great truth in this album, the chorus of Bring That Noise seems like a war cry that culminates with a spectacular voice of Ralf. Deep In The Night rekindles the flame of eighties or old school heavy metal as with the opening track of the album, it is worth mentioning of course the excellent work by Magnus and Alexander on guitars, the melodies extracted and coupled with a traditional heavy metal is another extra point for Code Red.

Cancel Culture once again brings the German power metal with an incredible power, and lyrics with a completely interesting background where everyone will take his own opinion.

Code Red takes you between trips to classic metal and German power metal, where there are no ups and downs, unless of course you are not a fan of power ballads, the only one you will find here is Forever.

If someone were to ask me for my favorite tracks or the ones I would highlight the most on this album, I would definitely name Another Hero, Bring That Noise, Deep In The Night, Steelmelter and Fearless.

Primal Fear continues with their battle to take their rightful place as a standard band not only in European or German metal, but also in today's heavy metal, a band that should be considered great, not only for their trajectory but also for tremendous works like the one Code Red offers us.

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