Album Review: Bleed From Within - Shrine

Album Review: Bleed From Within - Shrine

The unstoppable Scottish riff machine that is Bleed From Within released the critically-acclaimed ‘Fracture‘ during the throes of the pandemic in 2020 despite pressured calls for postponement and never got the chance to head out to tour it. Fast-forward to 2022 and they’re back with the blistering ‘Shrine,’ incorporating new elements and genres whilst still staying true to their roots.

The opening track ‘I Am Damnation‘ was one of the singles released from the record. Capitalising on their core sound with stomping guitar melodies and chant-inducing choruses with the added feature of orchestral elements; a recurring characteristic throughout the record. The band continue the high-energy trajectory with ‘Sovereign‘ and ‘Levitate‘ both of which feature brutal breakdowns and soaring solos with the latter integrating clean, chant-inducing vocals and another dose of orchestral symphonies.

Flesh and Stone‘ truly is a stand-out track for this record. Although blastbeats are present in previous tracks, they are ferociously intense throughout this track and are underpinned by a dramatically sprawling, groove-infused orchestral soundscape mired in brutality. ‘Invisible Enemy‘ follows up with aggressive guttural vocals offset by clean melodies and a stomping groove-laden beat.

Skye‘ is an ethereal interlude which slows the record down momentarily before descending in to ‘Stand Down;’ a breakdown heavy, mosh-pit firing number, setting the tone for the latter half of the record which isn’t stepping off the accelerator. The record continues to charge forward with ‘Death Defined‘ and ‘Shapeshifter,’ showcasing the band’s ability to blend melo-death elements in to their metalcore origins.

Temple of Lunacy‘ brings an atmospheric, symphonic undertone to the continued aggression. The penultimate track ‘Killing Time‘ expands on the theatrics bringing forth still more ferocity and thunderous atmosphere, building up and breaking down to the closer ‘Paradise.’ This closer amasses every element of the record and cultivates an expansive, crushing riff-fest, chant-worthy conclusion.

It’s fair to say that Bleed From Within have spent the last 2 years since ‘Fracture‘ honing their sound and expanding their soundscape to incorporate sprawling orchestral twists and expansive symphonic layers to offset the sheer ferocity and brutal breakdowns. As an added bonus, they now have the opportunity to tour this record and if the Download Pilot set is anything to go by, its set to be explosive.

Rating: 9/10

Released By: Nuclear Blast

Release Date: 3rd June 2022

For Fans Of: As I Lay Dying, Lamb of God, Architects

Favourite Track(s): Levitate, Flesh and Stone, Temple of Lunacy

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