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Watch our hilarious Top 10 Metal Albums of the Year video!!!

Somehow it came down to Elton John or Adele?

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Metalhead Marv chats with Playboy Playmate “Carrie Stevens” and they talked about her book, the time she interviewed Bono from U2 and her hosting the Monsters of Rock radio show.
THIS DAY IN METAL’s Metalhead Marv interviews David Ellefson and we discuss the Nick Menza documentary, his new band and about how he’s already in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!! The film’s director Holly Mollohan also stops in for a chat.
Mike Levine bassist for legendary Canadian band Triumph talks about the band’s upcoming documentary Triumph: Rock & Roll Machine and past stuff including the time Bon Scott entered their dressing room.
Sorry Mr. Simmons but Rock is far from dead!!! Especially Heavy Metal!!! Check this out Gene….
The heaviest album known to man lands on the Billboard U.S. charts!

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Check out Lindsay C.’s interview with Peter Tagtgren of Hypocrisy & Pain!
Lindsay C Interviews Jonathan Donais of Anthrax for “This Day In Metal.”

Jon tells of his most memorable touring moments, how he got the lead guitarist gig for Anthrax, the future of Shadows Fall, his new project “Living Wreckage” and his dream band line-up.
This Day in Metal’s Metalhead Marv chats with bassist David Ellefson and film director Holly Mollohan.

The documentary will feature footage of Nick as a child, growing up and playing in Megadeth.
Nick was a phenomenal drummer and inspiration for many future metal drummers.
Lindsay C. interviews Dino Cazares from Fear Factory!!

Dino discusses the new Fear Factory album and much more.

Nov 19th 2021 Exodus release NEW album “Persona Non Grata”

Did you know…
It is their first studio album since Blood In, Blood Out in 2014, and their second to feature vocalist Steve “Zetro” Souza since he returned to the band that same year.
Who can forget this GREAT Heavy Metal band from the Netherlands.
Damn I feel sorry for those kiddos necks the next day or so. True headbangers!!

Dec 18th 1984 Motorhead with Exciter played the Concert Hall in Toronto.

Globe and Mail article… Here
Tragedy strikes the metal community as Dimebag Darrell has been shot and killed. December 8th 2004
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Dec 31st 1963 Scott Ian guitarist and founding member with Anthrax was born!!!

Did you know…
He is the only remaining original founding member of Anthrax.
He also writes the lyrics on all their albums.
Dec 23rd 1956 Legendary Iron Maiden guitarist Dave Murray was born!!

Did you know….
Murray has appeared on all of the band’s releases.
Dec 13th 2001 Chuck Schuldiner former singer and guitarist with #Death lost his battle with a brain tumour.

Did you know…
Chuck was known as “The Godfather of Death Metal”
He was ranked No. 20 in 2004 Guitar World’s “The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists”.
Dec 8th 2004 Dimebag Darrell was killed by a gunman during a performance with Damageplan in Columbus Ohio

Did you know….
He ranked number 1 in Metal Hammer magazine’s 100 Greatest Guitarists.
This day in Metal November 10th with guitarist Dylana Nova Scott!!
This Day in Metal October 20th with CJ Lines!!

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