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What happened on this day in #ROCK #CLASSICROCK #GLAMMETAL #HEAVYMETAL #THRASH history! #TDIM

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Metalhead of 20+ years from Scotland, UK. History & Psychology nerd, avid hiker & caffeine enthusiast. Host of The Heavy Metal Journal on YouTube. Follow me on Twitter! (

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Justin Wearn

Your Friendly Neighborhood Metalhead 🤘 My expertise is in Death.....Metal

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Edson Escalante

Proudly Mexican, admin of Judas Priest Fans Mexico, metalhead at heart and writer by conviction. Good music always abounds in my playlist.

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Metalhead Marv

CEO. Historian and his been listening to Heavy Metal since 1984.His favourite band's are Metallica, Judas Priest and Metal Church.

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CJ Lines is a metalhead, writer, podcaster, ninja historian, and award-winning pie-maker. He’s written two books. He lives in Sheffield, U.K. Find out more at:

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Music Blogger from Chile.

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Metal listener of 25+ years, on a mission to expand my metal knowledge and record collection.

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