Album Review: Currents - The Death We Seek

Album Review: Currents - The Death We Seek

Currents has been going strong since 2017, infusing their mixture of modern metalcore with elements of djent, creating songs that bring back comparisons to Architects and 2000’s era In Flames. With the release of 2023’s The Death We Seek on SharpTone Records, the album brings a lot of that energy and feeling in the music, but unfortunately just isn’t as strong as the bands it brings comparisons to.

With the album opener and title track, the album starts with a heavy opening riff that mixes a unique combination of Bullet For My Valentine mixed with Periphery style guitar playing.  The chorus hits strong and love the double bass kicking in the background near the peak of the chorus.  The next track “Living in Tragedy” has a great rising sub-bass guitar that also kicks the track off strong. An addition of synth/techno plinking throughout it works and adds some dynamics to it. With an In Flames sounding chorus, the track continues to keep that drive going before leading into a vocal shrieking buildup until the break before segue into a heavy breakdown.

So Alone” unfortunately doesn’t have anything that grabs me and unfortunately sounds like a track that could be on a lot of modern metalcore releases from bands like Parkway Drive or Miss May I. Another similar-issue track “Unfamiliar” gives it a heavy intro and then gives off a radio-single vibe to the verse and chorus of the track. The verse almost gives off a Breaking Benjamin feel to it.

The trend breaks with the song “Vengeance” which is probably the most aggressive track on the album. There is almost no clean vocals and just heavy chugging guitars over breakdowns over screaming. Another great track for me is “Over and Over”. The guitar playing shines on this track and this record as a whole. With down-tuned riffage and sweeping guitar playing, the track is strong and then the breakdown after the chorus is so strong and hits hard it’s definitely a headbanger.

Then “Gone Astray” comes after this, starting with a synth/orchestra addition to the opening riff. When the verse kicks in, its clean over such a heavy chugging riff, that personally, I feel is an odd vocal delivery choice. The song ends on a good note with “Guide Us Home” with strong musical delivery and instrumentation.

This record is, I hate to say it, is okay. There are moments I like with songs like “Vengeance” and “Living in Tragedy”, but unfortunately it doesn’t stand out compared to other competitors in the genre and other strong releases that came out this year. I do like their previous record, 2020’s The Way It Ends, but this record was not the follow up I was expecting but it is a decent album overall. If you like modern metalcore, this is going to be right up your alley, and I think you will like it.

Track Listing

1) The Death We Seek

2) Living in Tragedy

3) Unfamiliar

4) So Alone

5) Over and Over

6) Beyond This Road

7) Vengeance

8) Gone Astray

9) Remember Me

10) Guide Us Home

SCORE: 6 / 10

Release: 05/05/23

Label: SharpTone Records

FFO: Parkway Drive, Architects, In Flames

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