Album Review: Dokken - Heaven Comes Down

Album Review: Dokken - Heaven Comes Down

The legendary American glam metal band Dokken, formed in 1976, released their 12th studio album, Heaven Comes Down, on October 27, 2023.

Band Members:

  • Don Dokken – vocals
  • Jon Levin – guitar
  • Chris McCarvill – bass
  • BJ Zampa – drums

After several health problems, including Don’s paralyzed right arm, after a surgery, and other health issues of the rest of the band, they managed to release this new album.

Heaven Comes Down, brings back some of the classic Dokken’s sound but with a modern twist.  Don says that this is his last album, and that they’re going to continue only touring. He has said that before, with their previous album  Broken Bones (2012), so who knows.

The album starts with Fugitive. Don says:

“The inspiration for the lyrics came from what seems to me to be an uncertain world these days. I don't know what the future holds for our world, so I decided to take a step back and watch it all unfold… Yes, I guess I've become like many these days, a fugitive from life. Hence, the title!”

The song has that 80s Dokken’s feel with a country vibe, a powerful guitar sound and a catchy chorus.

Then comes, Gypsy. Another song that brings Dokken's essential sound. Jon Levin plays his guitar amazingly here, very melodic and with a killer guitar solo. The bass and drums makes everything sounds super tight. Catchy song. Animated video, that was draw by Natalia Jonderko Śmiechowicz, a polish artist. On the song he asks the gypsy to guide him where he needs to go, because he doesn’t know what to do, he feels lost.  

Is It Me Or You?. Great riff. Heavy song that deals with relationship problems. My favorite from the album. Just Like A Rose. Hard rock love song. He regrets not treating her in a better way. Amazing guitar solo. I’ll Never Give Up. A power ballad. He tries to get her love back. On the heavier side, Saving Grace. Hopelessness feeling.

Over The Mountain. A positive song that gives us hope to continue our journey, it doesn’t matter how hard the road it gets, always keep moving forward.

Next, a couple of ballads. I Remember, he misses a person that is no longer around. Nostalgic feelings. Same with Lost In You.

The last song of the album is Santa Fe. Acoustic track, with percussion instruments. This song is very autobiographic of Don’s journey. He recalls his good old days, when he lived in L.A., his friends and travelling around the world. His old life. But after all that, he felt alone, so he went in search for his place, through the desert and ended up in Santa Fe, where he lives now. A peaceful place for him to live in. The song has a beautiful country vibe.

The album has a good production, that makes each song sounds crispy clear. Heaven Comes Down has heavier moments and some ballads. It takes you back to the 80s, and then it talks about some problems we all have faced in the last years, like isolation because of the pandemic.

Obviously, Don doesn’t reach those higher notes of the past, anymore, because of his age, smoking, and other health issues. But the songs were composed for his current vocal range. He sings with a lower voice, but still sounding sweet and melodic.

Every song is a story. Don is planning to make a video of each song, using animation and AI in some of them, so this album hasn’t finished delivering yet.

Rating: 8/10

Release Date: October 27, 2023

Released By: Silver Lining Music

FFO: Ratt, Scorpions, AC/DC


1) Fugitive

2) Gypsy

3) Is It Me Or You?

4)  Just Like A Rose

5) I’ll Never Give Up

6) Saving Grace

7) Over The Mountain

8) I Remember

9) Lost In You

10) Santa Fe

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