Album Review: Enforced - War Remains

Album Review: Enforced - War Remains

"Pure Crossover Death" is probably the only way you can describe Enforced and their absolutely devastating sound. Snarling thrash, brutal hardcore, thunderous drums, blistering riffage, what more could you possibly ask for?

Enforced burst on to the scene in 2017 from the remains of disbanded hardcore punk bands and quickly released two EPs before unleashing their ferocious debut 'At The Walls' in 2019. Not one to become stagnant, it wouldn't be long before the band nuked all expectations and released their devastating sophomore record 'Kill Grid' in 2021. But now we have the band's third offering in 'War Remains' with every intention to keep the savage momentum moving.

The record begins with 'Aggressive Menace' and it doesn't waste any time in going straight for the jugular. A raging onslaught of frantic riffage, blistering drums and ferocious vocals. 'The Quickening' follows suit and is every bit as aggressive with absolute shredding madness. 'Hanged By My Hand' is nothing short of relentless, a definite chugging headbanger to get the crowd causing devastation in the pit not to mention the insane solos.

'Avarice' and the title track are snarling, angry and incredible with flying solos, chugging riffage, blistering blastbeats and brutal growls. 'Mercy Killing Fields' just screams Slayer; it's sinister, foreboding and leaves a trail of devastation in its wake. Combined with a dual guitar advance, lightning speed solos and more blistering blastbeats, this is definitely a stand-out track and one of the strongest in the band's repertoire.

'Nation of Fear' is a thunderous mid-tempo stomp with death metal style growls guaranteed to get the crowd moving. 'Ultra-Violence' sounds exactly as the title of the track intended. All the frantic thrash, all the time whilst subtley slowing things down to a synchronised stomp before soaring straight in to a flying solo. 'Starve' begins the descent in to the conclusion of the record. As the penultimate track, there are less than subtle hints of Slayer-esque guitar wizardry and is every bit as thunderous as the beginning of the record. 'Empire' serves as a groove-laced march to the conclusion of the record and as far as closers go, this doesn't ease off the aggression accelerator at any point.

With two EPs, three studio albums and relentless tours with the likes of Morbid Angel, Exhumed and Obituary in their 6 year tenure, it's safe to say Enforced are not backing down. 'War Remains' if full to the brim with excellent thrashy/cross-over goodness. At just over 33 minutes long altogether, it's gritty, immense, unrelentlessly ferocious and riffy. Enforced have not disappointed with this record in the slightest.

Rating: 8/10

Release Date: 28th April 2023

Released By: Century Media Records

FFO: Slayer, Creeping Death, Bolt Thrower

Track Listing:

1) Aggressive Menace
2) The Quickening
3) Hanged By My Hand
4) Avarice
5) War Remains
6) Mercy Killing Fields
7) Nation of Fear
8) Ultra-Violence
9) Starve
10) Empire

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