Album Review: Immortal - War Against All

Album Review: Immortal - War Against All

Immortal - War Against All will be released on May 26th 2023 via Nuclear Blast Records.

From the very depths of the frozen tundra that is the Norwegian Black Metal world, Demonaz has clawed his way back up the ice-capped peaks of Blashyrkh to claim the throne and bring forth Immortal's 10th studio album War Against All; a rather poetic title considering the years of turmoil and lawsuits before assuming the rights to the Immortal name. Completely composed, performed and recorded by Demonaz with the assistance of session artists, War Against All embarks on a journey which proves that Immortal are still very much...immortal.

The record obliterates from the get-go with the title track. A frantic, demonically raging attack on every sense possible. The track is completely unrelenting with insane blast-beats, soaring guitars, shredding madness and icy, rasping vocals. 'Thunders of Darkness' continues the charge throughout the icy wastelands with lightning intensity that doesn't let up in the slightest. The same can't be said about 'Wargod' which slows right down to a heavy, mid-tempo trudge with a slightly groovier edge; nevertheless, this track is guaranteed to get you headbanging to your heart's content. The mid-section of the track slows right down again to a soft yet atmospheric riff before kicking back in to life once more. This track is without a doubt the strongest track of the record full of crisp musicianship and atmospherically epic moments.

'No Sun' maintains the groovy, mid-tempo element but also incorporates that classic black metal riffage; it's the perfect balance resulting in stunning and addictive ferocity. 'Return To The Cold' is full of atmosphere and chugging riffage manifesting the image of traversing through a wintery landscape. 'Nordlandihr' is an absolutely stunning and sprawling instrumental reinforcing the journey back to Blashyrkh and glides beautifully in to the record's closing chapters.

The penultimate track 'Immortal' explodes out of nowhere and emanates 90s golden era vibes of the band with expertly crafted melodies and crushing black metal riffage; a track that will be entice new fans and satisfy the old guard. Finally, 'Blashyrkh My Throne' begins somewhat emotive, dripping in atmosphere until it opens up in to a sprawling soundscape of thunderous drumbeats, flying riffs and an ethereal image of completing a long journey to the icy realm of Blashyrkh.

War Against All is a wintery blast of intense ferocity and melodic, mid-tempo beats with a blackened foundation. It's full of ambition, intensity and raw beauty that only the likes of Immortal can achieve. For returning fans of the band's 90s heyday and newcomers alike, this record won't disappoint.

Rating: 8/10
Release Date: May 26th 2023
Released By: Nuclear Blast Records
FFO: Dark Funeral, Gorgoroth, Mayhem

Track Listing:

1) War Against All
2) Thunders Of Darkness
3) Wargod
4) No Sun
5) Return To Cold
6) Nordlandihr
7) Immortal
8) Blashyrkh My Throne

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