Album Review: LA Guns - Black Diamonds

Album Review: LA Guns - Black Diamonds

Album Review: LA Guns - Black Diamonds

The legendary LA Guns are back with a new album titled "Black Diamonds" which is the third studio release on Frontiers Records. The band's career spans over forty years in the hard rock and glam metal genre and only continues to impress, they consistently create phenomenal new music. The band's sound has evolved into a mixture of many different genres with a bigger-than-life sound.

This album is oozing hypnotic melodies, rich guitar tones, and catchy lyrics and arguably could be one of the best releases of 2023. I guarantee this will make my Top 10 of 2023 at the end of the year. Yes, I enjoyed it that much.

Traci Guns, Ace Von Johnson, Johnny Martin, and Adam Hamilton are the driving force of this album. Guitar tones and riffs are some of the best I've heard and really remind me of Cheap Trick with a little bit of Punk Rock mixed in. It is very much nostalgic of 70's rock but with a modern flavor that doesn't sound processed or overproduced.

Phil Lewis is a totally underrated singer and songwriter who is a powerhouse on this record. The vocals stand out on the entire LP but especially on Diamonds, soulful and melodic. The band has found its best mixture of musicians and musical material in this new release.

Track Listing From Black Diamonds

You Betray

Wrong About You




Shattered Glass

Gonna Lose

Got It Wrong



Like A Drug

Rating: 9/10

Released By: Frontiers Records

Release Date: April 14th, 2023

Favorite Track(s): Babylon, Shattered Glass, Diamonds, Cryin, and Shame.

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