Album Review: Malevolence - Malicious Intent

Album Review: Malevolence - Malicious Intent

Breakdowns and riffs, riffs and breakdowns, a renewed passion and fevered ferocity, Malevolence have not only returned with their 3rd album ‘Malicious Intent’ but they’ve obliterated the hardcore/metalcore scene and sent metal-infused shockwaves to signal their intent; they aren’t going anywhere.

Catchy and groovy hooks, earth crushing breakdowns and lightning riffage accompany frontman Alex Taylor’s impassioned growls and guitarist Konan Hall‘s soaring vocal melodies.

Alex says about the album: “We wanted to write an album that encompasses our sound – but we wanted to push it further and go deeper.”

Photo Credit: @wondergirlphoto (Instagram)

Consisting of 10 tracks at a total of 38 minutes long, ‘Malicious Intent‘ doesn’t hang about and gets straight to the point. The opening title track fires on all cylinders and impressively sets the tone for the rest of the album all in a short one minute and 39 seconds. ‘Life Sentence,’ ‘On Broken Glass‘ and ‘Still Waters Run Deep‘ follow up as a joint powerhouse of aggressive passion and circle pit-inducing brutality; the latter two of which also showcase the band’s groovier side with catchy hooks and chant-worthy choruses.

The pace slows down at the midway point with ‘Higher Place;’ an emotionally dynamic ballad showcasing the power behind Hall’s melodic vocal ability not to mention the soaring, emotive guitar solos; very reminiscent of the title track from their 2020 EP ‘The Other Side.’

Mixing it up between epic riffage, shattering breakdowns and juxtaposed vocals from Taylor and Hall throughout the latter half of the record, Malevolence do not hold back on this latest offering. Recruiting Trivium’s Matt Heafy for the penultimate track ‘Salvation‘ is the icing on an already loaded up cake of a record. With instantly recognisable guitar work and structuring from Heafy, the track is nothing short of epic and blends seamlessly in to the roaring and thunderous closer ‘Armageddon.’

Malicious Intent‘ is a flawless record from beginning to end with absolutely no filler whatsoever. Perfectly blurring the lines between hardcore and metal, the Sheffield-based quintet have demonstrated sheer passion and determination with this record and are set to smash stages worldwide.

Rating: 9/10

Released By: Nuclear Blast

Release Date: 20th May 2022

For Fans Of: Hatebreed, Architects, Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage

Favourite Track(s): Life Sentence, On Broken Glass, Still Waters Run Deep

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