Album Review: Methane - Kill It With Fire

Album Review: Methane - Kill It With Fire

Swedish thrash metallers Methane have released their second studio album Kill It With Fire, and this record is a straight to the point, no frills all thrills bombardment of groovy, thrashy glory.

The record opens with the title track; a blistering barrage of pure riffing madness and thunderous drums accompanied by Tim Scott‘s incredible raw vocals. ‘Accuser (Of The Brethren)‘ opens with a soundbite from the viral ‘Religious Karen‘ YouTube video; a tongue-in-cheek track that’s every bit as fun and bouncy as a thrash metal track should be. Next up we have ‘Declare Chaos‘ and ‘ which verges on the side of a technically groovy opening and descends in to a heavily bass driven onslaught of chugging riffs and solos.

Shock and Awe‘ is a heavily Slayer influenced track with its raging ferocity and vocals reminiscent of Tom Araya‘s prime. With a chant-worthy chorus, soaring solos and glorious classic thrash vibes, this track is guaranteed to get you moving. ‘A Blood Red Sky‘ opens as a chugging, mid-tempo blast with thunderous war-like drums before descending in to madness with flying solos and furious blastbeats. ‘Down In The Gutter‘ is incredibly groovy and addictive which twists and turns at any given opportunity with distinctive Pantera vibes. The record close with the brutal ‘Thin the Herd,’ a sinister Slayer-esque assault full of catchy hooks and stomping rhythm ensuring the record ends just as lethally as it began.

If you’re looking for a a classic thrash metal record with modern, addictive groove that’s every bit as fun as it is brutal, look no further. Methane may have just two albums under their belt in their 10 year tenure but that just proves that taking the time to hone your craft pays off. At just 31 minutes long, Kill It With Fire is a solid thrash/groove metal record worthy to sit high amongst the greatest thrash metal records of the genre.

Rating: 9/10

Release Date: 27th January 2023

Released By: Self Released

Genre: Thrash/Groove Metal

For Fans Of: Kreator, Pantera, Slayer

Favourite Track(s): Accuser (Of The Brethern), Shock and Awe, Down in the Gutter, Thin The Herd

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