Album Review: Raven - All Hell's Breaking Loose

The veteran band Raven has released its new studio album and we present our review.

Album Review: Raven - All Hell's Breaking Loose

England's Raven have released their new studio album, All Hell's Breaking Loose.

The powerful trio show once again their ability to perform thunderous and direct heavy metal the only way they know how to do it, and why they should keep an important place in the history of the NWOBHM next to great bands like Iron Maiden, Saxon and Venom.

The album opens with a wild 'Medieval' that shows us the classic powerful riffs of Mark Gallagher as well as John Gallagher's voice and crushing bass, which have not waned with age, the same can be said with the subsequent tracks 'Surf The Tsunami' and 'Turn Of The Screw.'

When we get to the title track 'All Hell's Breaking Loose,' Gallagher's powerful scream gives way to some riffs and a chorus that has all the air of the old school eighties; the guitar solos perfectly executed by Gallagher also shine through.

With the inclusion of Mike Heller on drums, who has been in the position since 2017, the band has had a slight thrash feel to their most recent work, the vitality that the drummer imbues the band is incredible. Perhaps for someone who may be listening to a Raven album for the first time, it might seem like more of a current heavy/thrash work. However for those of us who have been listening to the band for a while, it signifies a work where the trio doesn't plan to slow down even though they are already approaching their 50th anniversary.

Here we don't find "quiet" tracks, so to speak, I could even say that the slowest track on the album is 'Invasion,' where Heller plays a bit with the double bass drum without seeming to want to force it at all costs. However, and without warning the song becomes more aggressive accompanied by a destructive riff and a guitar solo very well worked in the melodic part.

Yes, at times it may sound repetitive, but it is Raven's own style impregnated in every riff, solo and Gallagher's scream, that keeps screaming for their place in the history of heavy metal development and as a precursor band of thrash metal to be respected.

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