Album Review: Savage Existence - Savage Existence

Album Review: Savage Existence - Savage Existence

Savage Existence revisits old school groove metal with elements of American metal, death metal, and southern rock, with lyrics that speak about real life issues and relevant concerns of the modern day. Formed in Costa Rica by Daniel Cleland (guitars) and Jesse Radford (drums), both entrepreneurs from Canada, and singer and songwriter Anton Darusso, they are joined by Daniel Ramos (bass) and Andreas Castro (guitars).

Their debut album “Animals” was released in November 2021 with themes of animalistic savagery one might find in the jungle. Challenging societal norms, media biases, and other challenges society faces. The band are inspired by old school metal, taking it to another level with low tuned, thick, groovy riffs, unconventional song writing, captivating vocals, and an overall wall of heavy sound.  The second album, self-titled “Savage Existence” is set to be released on April 28th, 2023.

The record opens with 'Still Life,' a piano-led, theatrical introduction with thunderous drums and a sense of foreboding before descending in to 'Steady Blows to the Head,' a stomping, groove-fueled, catchy onslaught full of chugging riffage, rich basslines and harsh growls. 'Standing In Flames' flows more than it stomps but is just as heavy on the groove and chugging riffs. 'Matricide' is a mid-tempo offering with a rolling drumbeat and a stomping advance before ascending in to intricate, lightning speed solos and demonic growls.

'Leap of Faith' is about fighting the forces of darkness in your mind, and taking a leap of faith on your future, certainly a rousing and thought-provoking track for sure. 'Independence Day' picks up the pace as it charges forward with thunderous drums, epic riffing and frantic vocals. 'Enigma' is considerably more sinister with rasping whispers and a gradual build in atmosphere with chanting choruses and more groove.

'Dumpster Water' begins with a spoken word warning before it kicks in to life with thunderous rhythm and soaring guitars. 'Cull' is the penultimate track of the record and begins the final push of the charging assault. Fast-paced and ferocious with commanding growls, furious riffage and pummeling blast beats. 'All On You' is a surprisingly slower conclusion from the outset with cleaner, soaring vocals but heavy on the groove-led guitars.

For hard-hitting modern-day metal, Savage Existence is tough to beat and the buzz surrounding the band will only continue to grow in the coming months. The band are due to hit the road with former Manowar guitarist Ross the Boss this spring. If you're looking for some old school heavy metal with a heavy mix of groove and a dash of death, look no further than Savage Existence.

Rating: 7/10

Release Date: 28th April 2023

Released By: Rivet Records

FFO: Pantera, Sepultura, Slipknot

Track Listing:

1) Still Life
2) Steady Blows To The Head
3) Standing In Flames
4) Matricide
5) Leap of Faith
6) Independence Day
7) Enigma
8) Dumpster Water
9) Cull
10) All On You

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