Album Review: Wraith - Fueled By Fear

Album Review: Wraith - Fueled By Fear

Fueled By Fear is released via Prosthetic Records on June 28, 2024

Indiana's emitters of blackened thrash, speed metal Wraith return with an exploration of a dystopian landscape with a brand new album - Fueled By Fear

Opening proceedings is the instrumental showcasing 'Asylum' which nicely demonstrates individual influences and stylistic flourishes before firing into the album's title track 'Fueled By Fear' - which is an all-out blackened thrash fan fest dominated by basslines, sharp solos, undeniably toe-tapping drum patterns and an equally captivating vocal delivery - an absolutely wonderful start!

Bringing with it a wave of the '80s is the majestic 'Horses and Hounds' which is aptly named as there are plenty of gallops and the solos are fierce, this is then followed up by the razor-sharp death metal laden 'Shame In Suffering.'

Moving onto 'Code Red' the album interweaves between styles and is like a freshly brewed black coffee - full of energy and tasty, easily my highlight track of the album with wave after wave of solos thrown in for good measure and 'Ice Cold Bitch' makes the transition to this section of the album effortless.

Dominating basslines fire through 'Warlord' with almost a Satyricon vibe in places, where the combination of 'Merchant Of Death' and 'Heathens' easily provides the album's most fast-paced section.

There's no time for sweet and slow ballads as Wraith are still on their strict diet of thrash and throwbacks as 'Hells Cannon' fires through the headphones and tries to get my body to move in ways it hasn't in two decades.

'Vulture' is just sublime with insane levels of technicality whilst 'Shattered Sorrow' has a really nice groove to it, underpinned by well, you guessed it delightful blackened thrash of the highest order.

'Truth Decay' limbers up as the albums penultimate offering with lashings of fury before 'The Breaking Wheel' with a much slower yet purposeful delivery offering yet another earworm-worthy dynamic track.

Rating: 8/10

Chris Petkus - Bass
Jason Schultz - Guitar
Matt Sokol - Vocals/Guitar
Mike Szymendera - Drums & Percussion

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