Album Review: Cursebinder - Drifting

Album Review: Cursebinder - Drifting

Poland's Cursebinder launch into the black metal scene with the release of their debut album Drifting. The band uses elements of sludge and post metal into their version of black metal on their debut and there are some enjoyable moments throughout the record.

The album's opener "Affected By Panic" is a very atmospheric, gritty production feel, similar to that of the macabre death metal collective Portal. Elements of doom metal also shine throughout the track with the vocals and guitars reminiscent of Bloodbath.

"Drifting" starts with an Alcest/Deafheaven-esque intro that keeps a very atmospheric sound, but with the music and vocals throughout the track and some other songs off the album can sometimes get a little repetitive, which unfortunately is an underlying theme with this album.

The third track, "Shred By Shred" is different than the first two tracks where the album almost get a Darkwave intro with pipe organ ambience with it, almost reminiscent of Christian Death. Drumming by drummer MK is also really good on this track bringing the blast beats along with creating the great intro of the song.

Personally, I feel the record picks up more after the instrumental track "Can They Hear Me". Songs like "No Dreams" with a synth opening to the song before drums powerfully kick in and "Every Tree A Sanctuary" show the band incorporating more of a sludgier tone with their black metal along with the choir and ethereal atmospheres they provide over their tremolo picking and anguishing growling.

The album's closer "Permeating The Undergrowth" definitely ends the album strong with a strong ambience and tone that sets the stage for the buildup which kicks in and does end the record with a blackened, sludgy dive into the unknown.

Though with some elements & moments in this record that can come off a little repetitive or re-hashed, Cursebinder's debut album is an album that is black metal with elements of shoegaze and sludge that is a good combination that fits with their version of black metal and it makes me curious on what the band can bring for a follow up.

Track Listing

  1. Affected By Panic (06:28)
  2. Drifting (07:34)
  3. Shred By Shred (04:00)
  4. Becoming (06:01)
  5. Can They Hear Me (01:18)
  6. No Dreams (04:54)
  7. Every Tree A Sanctuary (05:34)
  8. Permeating The Undergrowth (06:19)

Score: 7.5 / 10

Released: 04/07/2023

Label: Avantegarde Music

For Fans Of: Shining, None, Lantlôs

Cursebinder - Shred By Shred [official single]
“Shred By Shred” is the first single from Cursebinder’s debut album “Drifting”, scheduled for April 7th, 2023.Cursebinder was born in 2019 in Kraków, Poland,…

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