Flashback Album Review: Resurrection - Halford

Halford's brutal Resurrection is turning 23

Flashback Album Review: Resurrection - Halford

On August 8, 2000 Halford (use the name to refer to the band) released their debut album, called Resurrection.

Resurrection I think is referred to as a literal resurrection of Rob Halford who had just finished years before with the extraordinary work of Fight and came from a short but very dark period with 2WO, where we could appreciate a side of metal god unknown until that moment, where he gave us a lecture that metal god could also make industrial metal, very much in the style of what Ministry was doing in those years.

But back to the main theme, Rob Halford had now recruited the extraordinary Metal Mike and Patrick Lachman on guitars, Ray Riendau on bass and Bobby Jarzombek on drums, and under the incredible hand of Roy Z on production, who also participated with some guitars, they gave shape to Resurrection.

Resurrection was a return to Rob Halford's metal roots but with a much more aggressive and powerful sound, more appropriate to the sound of the late 90s and leaving a little aside the groove that he presented us with his Fight works, the title track is a complete madness, a hellish song that screams and puts Rob Halford in the place where he belongs, in the Olympus nothing more and nothing less than as the one and only Metal God.

The second track, Made In Hell seems like a rebirth from the ashes, as its name says, from hell itself and reclaiming all the power of heavy metal, like a hellish phoenix.

Night Fall is so melodic and perfectly crafted that it could well have been included in some future Judas Priest album with that riff that seems to be taken from the brilliant mind of Glenn Tipton.

Resurrection is one of the few albums that doesn't have a weak song, or any bad song, on the contrary, it is one of the few albums that are enjoyed from beginning to end and leave you wanting to keep kicking ass with such a voice of Rob Halford.

Another point that makes Resurrection special and epic is The One You Love To Hate, a song that Rob Halford sings a duet with none other than Bruce Dickinson, yes! something completely unheard of and epic in those years due to the supposed rivalry that always existed between Judas Priest and Iron Maiden; a rivalry that clearly never existed thanks to this song in the voice of two of the best heavy metal singers of all time.

Resurrection has not aged at all for being 23 years old, on the contrary, it seems that the more time passes, the heavier it sounds and the more brutal it is appreciated. An unparalleled album with a completely brutal vocal moment of Rob Halford and that if you are not a fan of Judas Priest or Halford and decide to listen to this album for the first time, you should be careful as you can become addicted.

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