Album Review: Kings Of Thrash - Live at Whisky a Go Go

Album Review: Kings Of Thrash - Live at Whisky a Go Go

David Ellefson’s Kings Of Thrash have released their first album, a live album that compiles the best of Megadeth’s early albums.

With a very good production, Live at Whisky a Go Go is a very special work that tries to relive those early years of Megadeth, where they were an emerging band of the underground scene.

Kings Of Thrash is formed by former Megadeth members David Ellefson and Jeff Young on bass and guitar respectively, and they were joined by Fred Aching on drums and Chaz Leon on vocals.

This new work was recorded during the first tour that the band made last year by clubs and bars in the United States, where in some dates Chris Poland appeared as special guest, giving form to a kind of super group formed by former members of Megadeth.

Although the album or the band is purely covers, the truth is that the chemistry between the members is quite good, and you can tell at first listen, Chaz Leon’s voice at times seems to want to emulate a young Dave Mustaine of the mid 80’s.

A good live album that makes us want to listen to original material from this great band, and a record suitable for all the most knowledgeable fans of Megadeth and thrash in general.

Kings Of Thrash – Best of the West – Live At Whisky a Go Go


Last Rites (Intro)


Good mourning/Devil’s Island

Wake Up Dead


In My Darkest Hour

Orange Light

Into The Lungs Of Hell

Set The World Afire

Killing is My Business… and Business is Good

Chosen Ones


Hook in Mouth


These Boots Are Made for Walkin’

Peace Sells

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