Breaking News | Sam Starwood leaves Tailgunner

Tailgunner drummer announces his departure from the band

Breaking News | Sam Starwood leaves Tailgunner

A few moments ago the band released a statement on their official Facebook page where it is announced that drummer Sam Starwood is temporarily leaving the band, according to the statement, the separation was carried out on good terms and by mutual agreement.

You can read the statement below:

ANNOUNCEMENT:We have reached the mutual agreement to part ways with our drummer Sam. We would like to thank him for being a part of the band to this point as well as the countless great memories in which we all share of our time together. There is no bad blood and we wish him all the best for the future, but due to ongoing circumstances both parties felt that we could not continue to move forward together at this time giving 100%.

Sam states: “First of all, I wanna thank everyone who helped this band get to where it is, thank you Markus and Fireflash Records for giving this band what it deserves! Like it was stated above, this was a mutual decision made on both sides, unfortunately my limitations and personal ongoings could not move up to the next level. We both feel it's the right move forward. Gotta take two steps back before leaping forward!I won't be stopping what I do, but it was definitely time I took my foot off the pedal just to get myself in order to be the best musician I can without burning out. So, give it a few and I'll be back with you lot losing our shit together before you know it! For those who are interested in filling the spot, give em fuckin’ hell! Thanks to all the fans and everyone who has supported us! You guys have been amazing to be around and this whole thing has been such an unreal experience! Something I will never be forgetting anytime soon. Take care you guys! HEAVY METAL FOR ETERNITY!” We hope you join us in wishing him the best and continue to support both the band and Sam in future. All shows / festivals / touring will go ahead as planned. TAILGUNNER

The band released its debut album Guns For Hire in summer 2023 and received excellent reviews, placing it as one of the best metal works of 2023.

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