Breaking News | Tomorrow's Outlook release new single

Norwegian band shares the first single from their upcoming studio album

Breaking News | Tomorrow's Outlook release new single

Tomorrow's Outlook are set to release their new album "Black Waves" later this year, under their own record label, Sörvik Rock Music.

The follow-up to the 2018 album, "A Voice Unheard", consists of 10 tracks, is mixed and mastered by Sascha Paeth (Avantasia/Masters Of Ceremony) and includes the first single, "Wait For The Sun", whose official music video can be seen below.

The concept behind the video: After her execution by decapitation, the soul of the murderess Anna awakens aboard Draugen’s boat confused and with no memory of her ill deeds. Draugen is a mythical creature from northern Norwegian tradition, the spirit of a drowned fisherman come to warn of death – or cause it. Eternally they sail in perpetual night, always waiting for the sun. He takes her to the place of her execution where for a brief moment she finds hope in the beginning light of morning, only to have that hope torn away as the memories come flooding back. She returns to the boat to remain in the darkness of the spirit realm forever.

"Black Waves" is a concept album based on real events in the coastal region surrounding the Gressholman Peninsula, spanning from 1748 to the early 1900s. We hear the deeply affecting story of a brutal double murder that rocked a small community, as well as about a once lively trading post that met its ultimate end in a fire centuries later. In addition, it is rumored that the Draug will make an appearance.... The stories are told mostly through the eyes of the people involved, whose stories are guided by the superstitions, fears and beliefs peculiar to the northern part of Norway.

Tomorrow's Outlook is based in Northern Norway and is one of the hardest working and ambitious bands in their region. The band uses the term "Arctic heavy metal" to describe their music, which is heavily influenced by their homeland, both in their somewhat melancholic sound and in the themes of their songs.

Trond Nicolaisen, Andreas Stenseth and Øystein Kvile Hanssen decided to take it to the next level and form a real band. They completed the lineup with singer Tony Johannessen (Thunderbolt), drummer Owe Lingvall (Nocturnal Rites) and guitarist Valentino Francavilla (White Skull).

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