Inaugural “This Day in Metal Hall” voting is now underway

Inaugural “This Day in Metal Hall” voting is now underway

Starting today, November 1st 2021 we will be having 8 band’s being voting on and only 5 will make it into the This Day in Metal Hall for this year.

Voting will end on November 30th 2021 and winners will be announced shortly after.

Each band that fails to make it in will have 3 more years to try and get in. After that they are officially deleted from ever being in. Certain exceptions might be made by the committee if they have really good case for that band.

That being said since it’s being started this year the band’s who will be inducted first will be the oldest Metal band’s moving forward each year.

And the nominees are…


Formed in 1967, the band at the time consisted of vocalist Esther “Jinx” Dawson, bassist Greg “Oz” Osborne, guitarist Chris Neilsen, keyboardist Rick Durrett, and drummer Steve Ross.

They are recognized by metal fans and metal historians as being the band that introduced the “Sign of the horns” to rock and metal.

They had a top 40 hit in 1971 with the song “One Tin Soldier”, the theme song of the movie Billy Jack. It was named the Number 1 Most Requested Song in 1971 and 1973 by American Radio Broadcasters

The band released their debut album “Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls” in the summer of 1969.

Coven’s bass guitarist and co-writer (Michael Gregory Osborne) is credited as “Oz Osborne”, and the opening track is “Black Sabbath”.

Clearly this band deserves to be in the “This Day in Metal Hall” as one of the earliest pioneers of Shock Rock.


Formed in 1966, the band consisted of singer/bassist Peterson, guitarist Leigh Stephens and Eric Albronda as drummer.

With its great wall of Marshall amps and its corrosive fuzz guitars, the San Francisco power trio played Heavy Metal before there was a name for it.

“I think (Blue Cheer) were probably the originators of Heavy Metal because they didn’t really have traditional roots in the blues,” Eric Clapton said in an interview in 2012. “They didn’t have a mission. It was just about being loud.”

Blue Cheer was widely recognized as the loudest band ever at the time when they emerged.

This band deserves to be in the “This Day in Metal Hall” because their version of “Summertime Blues” has been cited as the first Heavy Metal song.


The band formed in 1966 and consisted of Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton.

Formed from members of previously successful bands, they are widely regarded as the world’s first supergroup.

The band were inducted into the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame in 1993.

“I think we were one of the early Heavy Metal bands without knowing it,” Eric Clapton has said.

This band deserves to be in the “This Day in Metal Hall” because the album “Fresh Cream” was instrumental in the birth of Heavy Metal.


Formed in 1966, the band consisted of Jimi Hendrix, Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell.

Their album “Are You Experienced” is widely regarded as one of the greatest debuts in the history of rock music.

One rock critic who wrote that Jimi Hendrix’s music was like “Heavy Metal falling from the sky” in 1967 cause the naming of the genre?

METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett reveals Jimi Hendrix’s influence and a huge impact on his music. Hammett also says reinvented the METALLICA band.

This band deserves to be in the “This Day in Metal Hall” because Jimi Hendrix laid the groundwork for so many of today’s Heavy Metal guitarist’s.


Formed in 1967 the band’s original lineup consisted of vocalist and organist Mark Stein, bassist and vocalist Tim Bogert, lead guitarist/vocalist Vince Martell, and drummer and vocalist Carmine Appice.

The band has been cited as “one of the few American links between psychedelia and what soon became Heavy Metal”.

According to Ritchie Blackmore and Jon Lord. Vanilla Fudge’s organ-heavy sound was a large influence on the British band Deep Purple.

This band deserves to be in the “This Day in Metal Hall” because they have influenced such band’s as Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple.


In 1965 Rudolf Schenker started up the SCORPIONS in Hanover, Germany.

The Scorpions are the most successful German rock band and one of the most successful international acts of all time.

With a total of over 100 million records sold, the Scorpions were pioneers and models of bands like Bon Jovi and Metallica.

Rolling Stone described the Scorpions as “the heroes of Heavy Metal”.

This band deserves to be in the “This Day in Metal Hall” because the are considered the inventors of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.


The band formed on Long Island, New York, in 1969. Originally comprising vocalist and guitarist Leslie West, bassist and vocalist Felix Pappalardi, keyboardist Steve Knight and drummer N.D. Smart.

Mountain’s early heavy metal hit song “Mississippi Queen” from the album Climbing! is especially credited with paving the way for heavy metal and was one of the first heavy guitar songs to receive regular play on radio.

Mountain is one of many bands to be commonly credited as having influenced the development of Heavy Metal music in the 1970s.

This band deserves to be in the “This Day in Metal Hall” because they are considered “America’s first Heavy Metal band”.


Formed in 1968 by lead vocalist and drummer John Garner, guitarist Louis Dambra, and bassist Gary Justin in Brooklyn, New York.

Their album “Kingdom Come” has received acclaim from critics, and its influence on Heavy Metal music is well-noted.

Loudwire named it in #68 in their list “Top 70 Hard Rock + Metal Albums of the 1970s” and has called “one of the earliest true hard rock albums”.

In the May 1971 issue of Creem Magazine, in a review of Sir Lord Baltimore’s Kingdom Come. In this review readers are told that “Sir Lord Baltimore seems to have down pat most all the best Heavy Metal tricks in the book”.

This band deserves to be in the “This Day in Metal Hall” because their the first band to be categorized as Heavy Metal.



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