From Blood Offerings To A Lifeless Birth: An Interview with Luca Indrio of Necrot

From Blood Offerings To A Lifeless Birth: An Interview with Luca Indrio of Necrot

Necrot has become a growing force of classic old school death metal since their formation in 2011. With the band's debut album Blood Offerings, the band has been delivering their take on death metal with ferocity in the modern day, while also paying tribute to the originators that inspired them. Their second album, Mortal, blew up the band's popularity as well as got them attention and ended on many best of lists for 2020. With their third album Lifeless Birth coming out soon, Necrot is ready to destroy the crowd with their newest album and lay waste to the death metal scene.

I sat down with the band's front man Luca Indrio to talk to him about the band's formation and the evolution of the band's sound. We talk about his passion project to help fight racism in metal, along with his favorite choices for food on the road.

I want to thank Luca for giving This Day in Metal the time to talk with us. Necrot's new album Lifeless Birth will be released April 12th on Tankcrimes Records. The band will embark on a summer tour with support from BAT, Phobophilic and Street Tombs in support of the new album, If you want to check out tour dates, check out the band's Facebook page HERE . You can also check out their music on Spotify HERE .

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