On This Day in Metal: April 24th 1981 Mötley Crüe Played Their First Ever Show

On This Day in Metal: April 24th 1981 Mötley Crüe Played Their First Ever Show

It was on this day in 1981, 4 hooligans joined together and played their first show at the Starwood in West Hollywood.

The band actually formed on January 17, 1981 when Sixx first jammed with Tommy Lee and vocalist/guitarist Greg Leon. Leon left, and Mick Mars and Vince Neil were recruited.

In classic Crüe form we hadn't completed one rehearsal all the way through and didn't decide on the setlist until right before the show.

"People were yelling 'Fuck you!' and flipping us the bird" during the kickoff song, "Take Me to the Top," Vince said. "Then one meathead, in a black AC/DC shirt, hocked a loogey that landed on my white leather pants. Without even thinking, I leapt off the stage mid-phrase and put him in a headlock and started pummeling him."

Not to be outdone, Sixx joined the fray. "[He] had his white Thunderbird bass over his head," Neil continued. "He swung it forward like a circus strength-game mallet and cracked it over some guy's shoulder blade. If there was a bell on the guys' head, it would have gone through the roof."

Crazy as that was the band played 10 songs that night including Public Enemy #1 and Too Fast for Love. And the rest is This Day in Metal history!

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