This Day in Metal: May 29th 1983 The US Festival Happened

This Day in Metal: May 29th 1983 The US Festival Happened

The US festival was a three day long weekend event that had three different themed days.

But most important to metalheads was May 29th which was Heavy Metal day.

And what a day it was!! Over 300,000 metal fans watching their favourite metal band's perform.

At 12:10 pm Quiet Riot hit the stage performing 'Danger Zone.' The band would go on performing songs from their recent successful Metal Health album.

Next up at 1:20 pm, newcomers Mötley Crüe hit the stage. The band had recently finished recording Shout at the Devil and played a few songs from the upcoming album. Vince Neil was quoted as saying “It was the day new wave died and rock n’ roll took over”

Next up the legendary madman Ozzy Osbourne who took the stage at 2:50pm with his new guitarist Jake E. Lee. Ozzy would put on an amazing show playing songs off his first two solo albums plus some Black Sabbath classics.

Next up at 4:30 pm the mighty Judas Priest with singer Rob Halford delivering the goods. Priest was on fire as they belted out hit after hit. The band would go on and finish their set with 'You've Got Another Thing Comin'' and 'Hell Bent for Leather.'

Next up at 6:10 pm, Canadian trio Triumph hit the stage. They just had released their album Never Surrender and made a great show with new songs and classic tunes from their earlier days.

At 7:55 pm, The Scorpions hit the stage. According to eyewitnesses they performed a kickass show. The band played 14 songs including favourites 'No One Like You' and 'The Zoo.'

And finally at 10 pm, Van Halen took the stage. Playing for over 2 hours, the band played over 20 songs including favourites 'Unchained' and 'Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love'

Did you know that Van Halen at that time received 1.5 million dollars to perform. It's the most any act has ever been paid for a single performance.

This Day in Metal's Chris Q recently chatted with Triumph's Mike Levine about that historic concert.

You can watch the interview below:

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