On This Day in Metal September 18th

On This Day in Metal September 18th

Sept 18th 1970 Black Sabbath released the album “Paranoid”

Did you know…
The album reached number 1 on the Official Charts.
It is often cited as an influential album in the development of heavy metal music.

Sept 18th 1982 Twisted Sister released their debut album “Under The Blade”

Did you know
In an article about ’80s metal, Rolling Stone wrote a contemporary review about Twisted Sister describing them as “the clown heir apparent to Alice Cooper”.

Sept 18th 1983 Dokken released their debut album “Breaking The Chains”

Did you know..
It was originally released in 1981 on the French label Carrere Records.
The album reached number 136 on the Billboard Charts.

Sept 18th 1989 Coroner released the album “No More Color”

Did you know
The band had intended to include a cover of Kiss’ “Parasite” on the album, but decided to drop it when they found out that Anthrax had recently recorded their own version of it.

Sept 18th 1989 Xentrix released their debut album “Shattered Existence”

Did you know
The band did a cover of the Ghostbusters theme song on this album.

Sept 18th 2001 Alice Cooper released the album “Dragontown”

Did you know
The track Disgraceland sees Cooper deliver verses while impersonating Elvis Presley.

Sept 18th 2001 Everygrey released the album “In Search Of Truth”

Did you know
The album is a concept album dealing with alien abductions.

Sept 18th 2005 Nocturnal Rites released the album “Grand Illusion”

Did you know
The band started as a death metal band but their sound became more melodic and by the time they released their first album they were playing power metal.

Sept 18th 2007 Ministry released the album “The Last Sucker”

Did you know
The album is the 3rd and final part of the band’s anti-George W. Bush trilogy, preceded by 2004’s Houses of the Molé and 2006’s Rio Grande Blood.

Sept 18th 2007 Between the Buried and Me released the album “Colors”

Did you know… Loudwire placed the album at number 7 on their “Top 100 Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Albums of the 21st Century” list.

Sept 18th 2015 Annihilator released the album “Suicide Society”

Did you know..
The album marked the return of bassist Cam Dixon, who toured with the band from 1994 to 1995, as well as new guitarist Aaron Homma.

Sept 18th 2020 Raven released the album “Metal City”

Did you know
Lemmy Kilmister (1945-2015), the leader of Motörhead, is honored in the lyrics of “Motorheadin’”, a song that puts a knife to our neck while ordering “go faster!”

Sept 18th 2020 Heathen released the album “Empire of the Blind”

Did you know..
It was their first to feature Jason Mirza and Jim DeMaria on bass and drums respectively, and their first release on Nuclear Blast.


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