To help celebrate the 35th anniversary of Heavy Metal Parking there’s limited addition swag available here…

Wow has it been 35 years?

Seems like yesterday this concert happened. It so much represents how we looked and acted back then.

What a year 1986 was. Metallica had released Master of Puppets, Slayer with Reign in Blood and Megadeth Peace Sells.. But Who’s Buying and Judas Priest with Ram it Down just to name a few.

Metal was at its peaked and on October 20th 1986, the premiere of Heavy Metal Parking Lot happened in Washington D.C. performance space in 1986.

The film is about when Judas Priest played a concert in Landover, Maryland with Dokken and showed Heavy Metal fans in the parking lot before the show drinking beer, smoking pot and listening to some great tunes!!

To celebrate this…

There’s some real cool items over at the site.


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