18 past or present NHL players who love Heavy Metal music

18 past or present NHL players who love Heavy Metal music

18. Mike McKenna ex Ottawa Senators

Mike listens to unbelievable amounts of metal — a passion that unfolded while he was still in grade school. “In fourth or fifth grade I heard Nirvana and that blew my mind wide open,” he tells Metal Hammer. “From there it progressed to heavier and heavier music. By sixth or seventh grade, I was listening to Deftones and Korn and that whole nu metal movement. That was all I knew at the time, but I eventually discovered Fear Factory, which was the first time I’d heard double bass and really fast picking.”

17. Dan Boyle ex San Jose Sharks

He loves golfing and one of his regular fairway partners is vocalist, guitarist and founding member of the Melvins, Buzz Osborne. He was also once a roadie for Faith No More having spent a week with the band in 2015.

16. Aaron Dell ex San Jose Sharks

The back of a helmet worn during the 2020-21 season features logos from a who’s who of heavy, such as Slipknot, Of Mice and Men, Ice Nine Kills, Bring Me the Horizon, Motionless In White, As I Lay Dying and more. Aside from some wonky billing decisions, it could look like an absolutely massive festival poster.

15. Robin Lehner Vegas Golden Knights

Has a goalie mask that features a tribute to Swedish death metal band In Flames.

14. Marc Methot ex Ottawa Senators

Huge metalhead as posted on his twitter account. He has a show that talks about metal and hockey.

13. Anton Strålman Boston Bruins

He is a huge heavy metal music fan and can string a few tunes himself.

12. Toni Lydman ex Calgary Flames

Loves Slayer, Anthrax and Testament!

11. Roman Turek ex St. Louis Blues

He honors his favorite band Iron Maiden with a tribute to Eddie with his Number of the Beast Mask that he wore while with the St. Louis Blues.

10. Craig Ludwig ex Dallas Stars

He was good buddies with Vinnie Paul and the Pantera boys.

9. Jere Lehtinen ex Dallas Stars

Huge Slayer and Children of Bodom fan.

8. Jarkko Ruutu ex Ottawa Senators

In 2009 he took half the Ottawa Senators to a Metallica concert.

7. Tukkaa Rasks ex Boston Bruins

He was gifted with a Metallica drum kit when he played his 500th game for the Bruins.

6. Ben Scrivens ex Montreal Canadiens

He had a Lemmy picture on his hemet and also has been seen hanging out with Amon Amarth.

5. George Parros ex Anaheim Ducks

He is a fan of Swedish metal band Amon Amarth and is featured in their music video for the song “Raise Your Horns” from the 2016 album “Jomsviking”.

4. Janne Niinimaa ex Edmonton Oilers

His love for death-metal and speed-metal — his playlist included bands like Cradle of Filth and Cannibal Corpse – was legendary and cause for debate with teammates who didn’t have the same affection for the equivalent of slasher movies on CD and who damn sure didn’t want it on the dressing room boom box. He was pals with the guys in Metallica, for the times when he wanted something he considered easy listening.

3. Drew Stafford ex Buffalo Sabres

Huge Mastodon and Metallica fan.

2. Jason LaBarbera ex Phoenix Coyotes

Huge Metallica fan and had many masks made with Metallica stuff on them.

1. Jaromir Jagr ex Pittsburgh Penguins

He is a huge metallica fan and one time Brian Slagel called Lars Ulrich and ask if he could arranged a meeting between Jagr and the band.

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