Concert Review: Baroness on Long Island, New York

Concert Review: Baroness on Long Island, New York

Veteran metal/hard rockers Baroness embarked on its 2024 North American tour in support of late-2023 release Stone in mid-May. Stone was the band’s sixth LP, following several acclaimed releases headlined by the highly regarded Blue Record. The trek across the United States included a stop at 89 North in Patchogue, New York, on Long Island on June 26, 2024.

Baroness has been fronted by vocalist and guitarist John Baizley since its inception twenty years ago. The rhythm section consisting of bassist Nick Jost and drummer Sebastian Thompson joined a decade ago, and lead guitarist Gina Gleason came on board in 2017. This lineup released Stone and its predecessor, 2019’s Gold & Grey. Both records carried on the band’s legacy of captivating, progressive hard rock and metal. The quartet has fantastic chemistry and been in fine form during this year’s shows.

Baroness' John Baizley and Nick Jost performing at 89 North in Patchogue, New York (6/26/2024)

Throughout their tour in support of Stone, Baroness showcased at least one track from every LP.  Given the band’s consistency and well-established sound and style, the fourteen songs flowed seamlessly. Baroness opened the 89 North performance with two of Stone’s finest tracks, the lead single 'Last Word' and 'Under the Wheel.' The band followed with 'A Horse Called Golgotha,' with Baizley and Gleason enjoying the lengthy harmonized guitar intro before transitioning into their Mastodon-esque stoner rock. The third and final Stone track 'Beneath the Rose' followed, and was arguably the best-received song from the new record, with a small mosh pit breaking out during the thrashier portion of the song before the prog-infused elements took over.

Baroness then focused on the Purple and Blue Records, with 'The Sweetest Curse' (video below) among the highlights.

The rarely-performed 'Kerosene' from Purple was the surprise of the evening, as it had been played infrequently since 2016 and only for the third time during this year’s performances. Baroness' other setlist selections were, for the most part, touring staples. The crowd sang along faithfully with Baizley throughout much of 'If I Had to Wake Up/Would You Stop the Rain?' Before a very brief encore break, the band played Blue Record instrumental 'The Gnashing,' which was recently reintroduced into the set after its omission for much of the tour. Baroness returned to the stage to finish the evening with 'Isak' – the lone song performed from the Red Album – and ended the show by playing the rousing 'Take My Bones Away' from Yellow & Green.

Baroness' Gina Gleason soloing during the band's show at 89 North on Long Island. (6/26/2024)

Baizley sounded ageless, and was extremely appreciative of the attendees' response and support. The audience reciprocated every time he expressed his gratitude for the enthusiastic Wednesday evening reception. Gleason interacted with the fans throughout the performance, even reaching out her six-string towards the spectators. Jost and Thompson were solid as always.

Baroness remains one of metal and hard rock's most consistent live acts, once again delivering a rousing performance before a near-capacity crowd. After completing the North American leg of the tour, Baroness will head to Europe to spend several months performing across the continent.

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