Edson's Top 10 Albums Of 2023

Here is my top 10 of the best of 2023, what do you think?

Edson's Top 10 Albums Of 2023

2023 left us a great catalog of great metal works, here is my top 10 of what for me, were the best metal albums of 2023.

10. Esto Es Brujería - Brujería

The new work of Juan Brujo and company, although it is not perfect, and at first listen seems a simple work of grindcore, the reality is that at least the first half of the album is extremely enjoyable, so much so that it deserves to be in a top of the best of 2023. And as an honorable mention the debut of La Encabronada as lead vocalist in a Brujería song.

9. Scorched - Overkill

Overkill's new work is another proof that the band continues to proudly carry the thrash metal flag, and that no matter how many years go by, the band will not let their fans down. Most importantly, they show that they still have too much energy to continue providing powerful thrash works for more years to come.

8. Red Code - Primal Fear

As I said in my review of the album, Primal Fear is one of the most underrated bands in the history of metal, and this work is proof of that, pure and energetic heavy metal combined with the German power of the band's native country, a highly recommended work.

7. To Hell And Back - Dieth

The debut album of the super group formed by David Ellefson, Gilherme Miranda and Michal Lysejko offers an incredible sonic journey, where the power of heavy, thrash, death and even a power ballad sung by none other than David Ellefson is mixed.

6. Congregation Of Annihilation - Metal Church

Metal Church's first album with Marc Lopes was a complete blast, after the loss of Mike Howe, Metal Church rose from the ashes like a phoenix and offered us one of the best works Metal Church has ever done.

5. 72 Seasons - Metallica

Whether you like it or not, Metallica's new work deserves to be in this top, 72 Seasons tries to recover the eighties essence of the band, a work (at least for me) more technical than its predecessor, Inamorata is an incredible mix of different genres that have influenced the band, like hard rock and blues.

4. Nostalgia - Enforcer

The Swedes have done their best to revive classic heavy metal, and they did it well this year with Nostalgia, a great heavy metal work that makes us forget the experimental work they did before.

3. Dying Of Everything - Obituary

The eleventh album by the Florida natives was a lecture on how to make brutal death metal, but with a lot of musical quality. John Tardy's voice is one of the things that makes this album shine, impressive riffs and a production from another world.

2. Guns For Hire - Tailgunner

These guys from the UK, finally presented their debut album, and boy, did it dethrone many bands that had already been working with previous experience. Guns For Hire was a complete revelation for heavy metal, proving that you can revive the flame of heavy metal and bring it to the ears of every being on this planet, an impressive debut that had not been heard since the 80s.

  1. The Sinner Rides Again - KK's Priest

KK's Priest's second album managed to maintain the level after what was offered in Sermons Of The Sinner. This new work by KK Downing and company offers us an incredible voice from Ripper Owens, magical twin guitars from KK Downing and AJ Mills, and destructive bass and drums from Tony Newton and Sean Elg, respectively. The band mixed pure heavy metal with more melodic and even epic cuts, to deliver a completely brutal and powerful album.

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