Five Mexican Metal Bands You Should Listen To

From heavy metal to prog, we recommend metal proposals direct from Mexico.

Five Mexican Metal Bands You Should Listen To

In Mexico, there are so many good and interesting metal and hard rock bands, some known and others not so well known. But without a doubt, they deserve your time so you can listen to them and find songs or albums that could be part of your playlist or your collection. Here are five Mexican metal bands you must listen to.


A band originally from Mexico City formed in 2009 by Mao Kanto and Guillermo Garcia. They started playing Metallica covers and later began to compose their own material and record an EP. Currently the band is formed by Mao Kanto, Israel Monroy, Lalo Olvera and Stu Zepeda. They have 2 studio albums (Fearless and Deadline), their heavy style combined with thrash and groove  has allowed them to share the stage with bands such as Judas Priest, Overkill and John Corabi; they have also been part of important festivals in Mexico such as Hell and Heaven and the Mexican edition of Knotfest. A novelty brought by the band was that they toured Mexico's prisons, something that no other band has done before.


The origins of Voltax date back to 2006 when two high school friends got together to play their favorite music and compose their own material. The band quickly found their own style, trying to revive old school heavy and speed metal. With five studio albums, Voltax has been considered one of the pioneer bands of the New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal. Voltax has even made it to the Wacken stage where they were present in 2011.

Gore and Carnage

The band from Puebla, Mexico currently has 3 studio albums but has positioned itself as one of the most important grindcore and brutal death metal bands in Mexico. With legions of fans in Europe where they even had a successful tour, they have visited countries such as France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Los Viejos

Los Viejos are a duo formed by Viejo Jacobo (Jordi Alarcón) and Viejo Eustaquio (Leo Padua). Their style is a combination of punk, thrash and old school grindcore where each album tells a completely different story. Currently, Los Viejos has two studio albums (Quebrantahuesos and Sociedad del Miedo) and one live album (Día de Muertos).


Formed in Mexico City, Obesity is a newly formed instrumental progressive metal band, their origins date back to around 2016. With only one studio album and 4 singles, they have been considered the revelation band of the metal scene in Mexico. They have shared the stage with bands like Symphony X, Between The Buried and Me, and Tesseract, at the same time they have performed in important festivals in Mexico such as Domination in 2019, Hell and Heaven and Mexico Metal Fest.

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