Hell Bent For Laughter: An Interview with Don Jamieson

Hell Bent For Laughter: An Interview with Don Jamieson

Standup comedian Don Jamieson has become a popular comedian in the metal community. Besides doing standup, Jamieson would become a face in metal humor when he starred on That Metal Show, along with fellow comedian and friend Jim Florentine and radio personality Eddie Trunk. Running for fourteen seasons from 2008-2015, the show showcased Jamieson's humor as well as his passion for heavy metal and hard rock. He would reunite with his co-hosts to form #ThatShow, a continuation of That Metal Show, as a weekly YouTube show. He would also launched his own show That Jamieson Project, which just recently ended. All while touring and releasing standup albums at the same time.

I sat down with Don and we talked about his career in standup comedy and his upcoming standup album No Sleep 'Til McSorley's. He tells This Day in Metal how he got involved in That Metal Show, and its current form #ThatShow. We also talk about how he got through the COVID-19 Pandemic, the end of That Jamieson Project and he teases something new he's working on. Lastly, some albums and some comedians he thinks you should check out, and why he loves shopping on Amazon while drunk.

I want to thank Don for talking with This Day in Metal about his new album and his career in standup comedy and heavy metal. If you want to pre-save his new album No Sleep 'Til McSorley's, you can do that HERE . The album will be available April 19th. You can also check out Don's website HERE for merch & upcoming tour dates.

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