Live Concert Review: Fear Factory - Disruptour - Glasgow, Scotland

Live Concert Review: Fear Factory - Disruptour - Glasgow, Scotland

October 29th 2023, Fear Factory made their grand return to Scottish soil for the first time since 2015 and they brought with them an entourage of metal's finest. Naturally, landing on the rich shores of Scotland pretty much guarantees very typical Scottish weather of fierce winds and heavy rainfall. Nevertheless, that didn't stop fans from surging in to the holy grounds of the Glasgow Garage for a completely sold out show and the atmosphere was electrifying to say the least.

Ghosts of Atlantis

British Symphonic Melodic Death metal act Ghosts of Atlantis opens the night's show with a strong setlist and an impressive crowd, especially for an opening act. However sound quality and mixing wasn't the greatest. The vocals and the rhythm were predominantly drowned out until about three quarters of the way through their set when the sound balanced out. They are, however definitelt a band to watch out for and check out live. Their stage presence is very dominating and their energy is incredibly thunderous.


01 - The Curse of Man
02 - Sacremental
03 - The Lycaon King
04 - False Prophet
05 - The Lands of Snow


Ignea hail all the way from Ukraine and operate as an incredibly technically tight and precise band. However again, much like Ghosts of Atlantis, a lot of their power and musical prowess was lost in poor sound quality and mixing. A stand-out point for the band however goes to Helle's incredible vocal ability. Her melodics are crisp, soaring and absolutely stunning whereas her gutterals are brutally demonic and powerful. Don't be fooled by her small stature, this vocalist certainly packs a punch.


01 - Children of the Dawn
02 - Dunes
03 - Camera Obscura
04 - Daleki Obriyi
05 - Bosorkun
06 - Nomad's Luck    
07 - Leviathan  

Butcher Babies

The main support act for this tour came in the form of Butcher Babies however Carla was missing due to medical issues that needed to be resolved. This band are absolutely incredible live and tore the place apart. Their sound was very well balanced instrumentally and their energy was highly addictive. Considering Heidi was doing the job of two vocalists herself, she didn't falter at all. Her vocal ability is absolutely ferocious and stunningly powerful.


01 - Backstreets of Tennessee
02 - Red Thunder
03 - Monsters Ball
04 - King Pin
05 - Wrong End of the Knife
06 - It's Killin' Time, Baby!
07 - Beaver Cage  
08 - Spittin' Teeth
09 - Last December

Fear Factory

The moment everyone was eagerly waiting for had finally arrived met with much excitement and curiosity. Founding member and driving force behind the machine Dino Cazares brought forth the strongest lineup the band had seen for years; the forefront of which was new vocalist Milo Silvestro.

Considering Fear Factory have 10 studio albums to choose material from, it was only natural that some "big" tracks would inevitably be left out. However the setlist itself was not only strong but also provided a few surprises. 'Freedom or Fire' and 'Resurrection' for example being notoriously difficult songs to perform vocally, Milo delivered them with incredible skill and passion. Not to mention 'Archetype,' the track Dino said he "would never play live."

To say the machine is well and truly alive and thriving is an understatement. Fear Factory devastated the venue and the crowd emanated the band's energy. Mosh pits, crowd surfing and screaming chants echoed around the hall with a fevered passion and excitement for the future. The machine is back and better than ever.


01 - Shock
02 - Edgecrusher
03 - Recharger
04 - Dielectric
05 - Disrupter
06 - Powershifter          
07 - Freedom or Fire  
08 - Descent
09 - Linchpin
10 - What Will Become?
11 - Archetype
12 - Martyr
13 - Demanufacture          
14 - Self Bias Resistor    
15 - Replica
16 - Resurrection

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