Live Review: Cavalera Leicester, UK 02 Academy 12/06/2024

Live Review: Cavalera  Leicester, UK 02 Academy 12/06/2024

The Brazilian brothers of destruction armed with a re-invigorated hunger after revisiting early recordings of Morbid Visions and Bestial Devastation and with the re-recording of Schizophrenia imminent, on an unassuming Wednesday night they obliterated Leicester on the first date of their Third World Trilogy Tour.

Starting proceedings were Internal Conflict who, with an incredibly short notice period, stepped out of the daunting mindset of playing alongside musical idols to deliver a set that was nothing short of precision. They sounded the best I have heard them and it’s a testament to their musicianship that they didn’t crumble underneath the pressure of opening for such a well-established act. Their 30-minute set was simply sublime.

Photo Credit: Sean Larkin/ Moshville Times

For the next ninety minutes, every audience member was thrust back to the 80s and for the majority of them – myself included - hearing material from Morbid Visions and the entirety of the Bestial Devastation EP live for the first time, Iggor has always been one of my favourite drummers, overall he was faultless but hearing the title track delivered so tightly was the highlight of the evening.

Photo Credit: Sean Larkin/ Moshville Times

There were a few surprises such as the Black Sabbath medley and some crowd-pleasers from the Chaos AD era which went down well towards the end of the night but overall, the Cavalera Brothers with added family members absolutely owned the stage for an annihilating 90 minutes, continuing a family legacy built upon decades of musical aggression.

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