Metal bands that have never had a number one album on the Billboard charts

Metal bands that have never had a number one album on the Billboard charts

Iron Maiden surprisingly have only reach number 3 with SENJUTSU.

You think with albums such as The Number of the Beast and Powerslave they would have. Mind you the band has had a few number one albums in their home country with Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, The Number of the Beast, Fear of the Dark, The Final Frontier and The Book of Souls. Can we expect a Billboard number one album in the future?

Megadeth came oh so close with Countdown to Extinction at number 2. Only behind Billy Ray Cyrus’ Some Gave All. Damn country music!!

Both The Sick, The Dying… and The Dead! and Dystopia reached number 3.

With Metallica having all these number ones wouldn’t you think by now Megadeth would have one? Remember without Metallica firing Mustaine we wouldn’t have this GREAT band called Megadeth!

Judas Priest Firepower at number 5

Hard to believe these Metal legends haven’t had a number one album. British Steel only reached number 34, Screaming for Vengeance did peak at number 17, Defenders of the Faith reached number 18, Painkiller at number 26 and Redeemer of Souls did reach number 6 marking the band’s first top 10 album debut in the US.

Anthrax Sound of White Noise with singer John Bush peaked at number 7. Who else is surprised that it’s not an album with Joey Belladonna? Mind you this doesn’t mean shit as his albums sold more.

One of my favourites Spreading the Disease only reached number 113, though the band improved with their next album Among the Living which peaked at number 62. Worship Music peaked at number 12 and For All Kings at number 9.

Slayer Repentless at number 4

Could you imagine if Slayer had a number one album? Well they almost did with Repentless!! Do you think in the near future the boys will announce a reunion tour and album?

Reign in Blood was the band’s first album to chart and peaked at number 94. South of Heaven peaked at number 57. Divine Intervention peaked at number 8. Christ Illusion peaked at number 5.

Scorpions Savage Amusement at number 5

Wow you think a band that has sold over 100 million copies and has released 19 albums would’ve had a number 1. But the Scorpions were never as popular in America as the rest of the world.

Mind you the band has released thirteen consecutive studio albums that were in the top 10 in Germany, one of which reached number 1. Any guess which one it is?

Whitesnake at number 2 with Whitesnake.

It was barred from the top spot by three different albums, including Michael Jackson’s Bad. The album featured hit singles Here I Go Again” and “Is This Love”

The album Slide It In peaked at number 40 and Slip of the Tongue peaked at number 10.

Ratt had two albums, Out of the Cellar and Invasion of Your Privacy both peaked at number 7. Now which album was the better one? Well if going by sales Out of the Cellar sold 3 million and Invasion sold over 2 million.

Dancing Undercover did peak at number 26 and Reach for the Sky peaked at number 17. Their last album Infestation did peaked at number 30. Think it’s time for another Ratt album!

Dokken who never cracked the Top 10 did reach number 13 with Back for the Attack

Tooth and Nail did peak at number 49. Damn cassette players! Remember them when we liked a song or two we had to fast forward or rewind and the damn tape would get jammed!! Ok back on track here… Under Lock and Key peaked at number 32. The band’s last album Broken Bones only managed to reach number 173. Hey Don and George how about one last album?

Twisted Sister Stay Hungry at number 15

You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll peaked at number 130 and Come Out and Play peaked at number 53.

Has it really been 30 plus years since we had a Twisted Sister studio album? With most of the band still around yet they stopped touring, would it be too much to ask for one last studio album Dee?

Dio with The Last in Line at number 23

Holy Diver peaked at number 56 and Sacred Heart peaked at number 29.

I thought Heaven and Hell peaked higher but it only reached 28 on the Billboard Charts. Either with Black Sabbath or on his own he will go down as being one of the best in Heavy Metal.

W.A.S.P. with The Headless Children at number 48.

Their debut album peaked at number 74. Probably their best album right? The Last Command peaked at number 49. Inside the Electric Circus peaked at number 60.

Can anyone explain how The Crimson Idol never charted? Guess those at Capitol Records didn’t have a clue how to market that album!!

This band has so many good albums that never charted or had commercial airplay. What a shame! Good idea though if someone could put these albums on iTunes!!

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