Orbit Culture Make History - First Ever Headlining Tour Review

Orbit Culture Make History - First Ever Headlining Tour Review

Wednesday March 6th 2024 marks the beginning of something huge. The likes of which the biggest metal artists who came before them had paved the way for. A monumental occasion shared by a few hundred lucky metalheads who completely sold out Orbit Culture's first show of their very first headlining tour ever...within mere days.

The Cathouse is a legendary venue on Scottish soil. A small hard rock and heavy metal club nestled in to the bustling streets of Glasgow's rather colourful city centre. On a cold and grey spring evening, eager metalheads queue up to enter the doors and ascend the fabled staircase of what some consider to be Scotland's metal hallowed grounds.

As with most bands, the first show of a headlining tour will be met with nervous anticipation, a determination to oil the machine and get it charging forward with as much power and fury as possible to set the tone for the following tour dates. However this one is different, it's the first of the first for Orbit Culture, one which won't be forgotten by the band and fans alike.

The atmosphere is electrifying as the crowd await the entrance of the band. The club is completely sold out; the venue is packed wall to wall, stage to door. As the clock ticks ever closer, the Scottish crowd begin to evoke the age old custom of the ancient chant "HERE WE, HERE WE, HERE WE FUCKIN' GO!!" when suddenly, the lights go out, the stage begins to shudder as an atmospheric build-up begins. The crowd begin to cheer and clap in unison when Orbit Culture storm the stage to a rambunctious applause and they launch in to their set list.

To say the crowd goes wild is an understatement. Track after track is battered out from the stage and the energy is met by the feral crowd. A huge pit erupts in the centre, roiling consistently with every track. Mosh pits, circle pits and walls of death pummel the place one after the other. Wave after wave of crowd surfers are thrown through the air, bouncing off the low ceiling and lyrics are sung, screamed and chanted back to the band in unison.

Niklas' vocals are sublime, easily alternating between low and powerful demonic gutterals which command your attention with a devastating presence. Yet in contrast, his clean melodics soar and pierce your very soul whilst still maintaining that raw power. The dual guitar attack with Richard meets dizzying heights with intricate and catchy riffs, the basslines from Fredrik are heavily dominating and the drumming technique from Christopher is beyond technically insane. Orbit Culture showcased their musical prowess with fury, finesse and crushing attitude.

Towards the end of the show, the crowd are greeted with two separate surprises. The first of which, much to the crowds joy and entertainment, the band try one of Scotland's (many) national drinks; Buckfast. A caffeinated and fortified wine created by the Benedictine Monks of Buckfast Abbey in the 1890s. "Three small glasses a day, for good health and lively blood" but it's safe to say, judging by the band's reactions to the acquired taste, it didn't go down smoothly.

Vultures of the North was the last track of the night and Orbit Culture were joined on stage by none other than Bleed From Within's vocalist Scott Kennedy who provided guest vocals. The power and force emanating from both the stage and the crowd during this surprise collaboration was nothing short of nuclear.

If Glasgow's sold out show is anything to go by, Orbit Culture are set to storm the rest of the UK shores and mainland Europe. With a solid discography packed with incredible tracks, it is impossible to cover everything in one set. Nevertheless, the band pulled together one of their strongest sets yet and set the place ablaze. It's safe to say Orbit Culture will be the next big metal band to follow in the footsteps of the greats that came before them and this will be the first and last chance to capture their magic in small intimate venues. This band have made history already and will continue to do so; it won't be long before their headline tours will dominate arenas worldwide.

Set List

01 - Black Mountain
02 - Strangler
03 - North Star of Nija
04 - Nensha
05 - The Shadowing
06 - See Through Me  
07 - Redfog
08 - Alienated      
09 - From The Inside
10 - Saw
11 - While We Serve
12 - Vultures of the North

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