Rite Here Rite Now - A Special Ritualistic Movie with Ghost

Rite Here Rite Now - A Special Ritualistic Movie with Ghost

Ghost are one of those bands that are plagued by controversy but not for the reasons previous bands who have come before them have garnered controversy; by inadvertently creating a pro-longed argument amongst the metal community over whether or not they are metal.

Regardless of your individual opinion on the matter, you can't deny that the level of passion, dedication and hard work that goes in to the act is astronomical. Mastermind and frontman behind the enigmatic group Tobias Forge has maintained throughout the years that Ghost is not only a band, but a creative project stretching out to all walks of media and the latest offering is an exclusive movie.

Rite Here Rite Now which was directed by Forge and Alex Ross Perry combines never-before-seen footage from Ghost's performance at the "no devices allowed" show at the Kia Forum, Los Angeles, California in 2023. It also features a narrative story that continues on from the band's long running "Chapters" series on YouTube, delving in to and also expanding on the band's past, the present and the next stages of the future. The result is an immersive and spectacularly impressive show combined with suspense, drama, humour, revelations and the odd cliffhanger or two.

The two hour show throws out live performances of massive tracks from the band's five albums with such energy and splendour that it genuinely feels as if you're attending one of their shows and not a movie theatre. The movie incorporates all of the electrifying atmosphere and energetic magnitude that Forge strives to deliver at each and every live show combined with the lore and humour of the YouTube "Chapters" series. But not only that, it directs you into a sneak peek of The Cardinal's origins, the future of the band and the fate of Papa Emeritus IV. Don't worry, there won't be any spoilers here but trust us when we say, stay until the very end for the post-credit scene (which also includes a never before released 1969-era track 'The Future is a Foreign Land' written by Papa Nihil.)

Prepare to have your taints tickled and your socks rocked off. Rite Here Rite Now is a hell of a movie and a hell of a show marking both the end of an era and the beginning of Ghost.

Rating: 10/10

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