Top 10 Judas Priest Songs

10 Judas Priest songs that will definitely blow your mind

Top 10 Judas Priest Songs

Judas Priest is a band that simply needs no introduction; their own nickname says it all, they are the metal gods. Everyone screams for 'Painkiller' at their concerts, everyone screams when they play 'Breaking The Law.' But here are my top 10 of Judas Priest songs that are just (in some cases) much better than the songs we usually hear.

10. Visions (Nostradamus). I open the top ten with one of my favorite tracks from Nostradamus, a lighter track compared to what is heard throughout the album, enjoyable from beginning to end, not for nothing this song earned Judas Priest a Grammy nomination.

9. Come and Get It (Ram It Down). This song is taken from one of the most underrated albums of the band, it has an eighties metal feel, a piece that mixes the classic heavy metal of the band with the eighties hard rock fashionable at that time, the initial riff of Glenn Tipton is sublime.

8. Hell Is Home (Demolition). The Ripper Owens era seems extraordinary to me, full of songs that deserve more value in the history of Judas Priest, and Hell Is Home is one of them, a brutal change from its slow and somber beginning to give way to a brutal scream of Ripper Owens.

7. Cathedral Spires (Jugulator). We continue with the Ripper Owens era, Cathedral Spires has the same feel as the previously mentioned song, the difference is that this one is much more brutal, heavy and dark, the song transports you to an era where metal was starting to lag behind and bands had to fight harder.

6. Bloodsuckers (Demolition). Despite having received negative reviews, Demolition enjoys very good tracks, Bloodsuckers is a completely diabolical track that combines the band's classic heavy with industrial metal, resulting in something unique.

5. Jugulator (Jugulator). The title track of Jugulator is a complete example of how Judas Priest can even border on extreme metal, a fast and completely destructive song, the voice of Ripper Owens playing with an attempt at gutturals is incredible, the guitars of Tipton and Downing sounding in unison are perfect

4. Nostradamus (Nostradamus). The eponymous track of the album released in 2008 is a complete blast of hard and direct metal, it seems to come out of the Painkiller sessions, Rob Halford's voice is completely aggressive, and the guitar duel is something completely shocking, something that fits perfectly with the double bass drum of Scott Travis and the galloping bass of Ian Hill.

3. Reckless (Turbo). Reckless was about to be the main theme of the movie Top Gun, however due to legal issues and rights of the song (Judas Priest had to give up all rights to the song and give them to Paramount Pictures), even so this song enjoys the glorious heavy Judas Priest with which they dominated the world in the eighties.

2. Ram It Down (Ram It Down). Just listen to the first few seconds of this song and you'll be blown away, Rob Halford's voice is simply glorious, and I dare say that the best guitar duel between Tipton and Downing is this one.

  1. Call For The Priest (Sin After Sin). If someone asked me which song was the one that invented speed metal, without thinking about it my answer would be Call For The Priest, a song completely ahead of its time, where what really makes me crazy are the incredible guitars of Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing.

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