Top 50 Heavy Metal singers of all time!!

Top 50 Heavy Metal singers of all time!!

After much debating, fan polls and a few broken noses, we have come up with the Top 50 Heavy Metal singers of all time. Fuck Rolling Stone and all their bullshit!! I’m sure we missed a few good singers here and there but hopefully it brings up a good debate!!! And here it goes….

50. Chris Jericho

Who? Yes that’s right, before you say Jericho can’t sing I suggest you go listen to his version of Iron Maiden’s Aces High. Right Sebastian Bach?

49. Ray Adler

Singing for Fates Warning since 1987, Ray’s unique voice has inspired a new generation of progressive singers. Give “We Only Say Goodbye” a listen.

48. Jani Lane

Sadly passed away in 2011, Jani left us with some amazing songs including Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Machine Gun.

47. Devin Townsend

Since the 90’s Devin has been singing and producing with Strapping Young Lad. His vocal delivery ranges from screaming to an opera-esque singing.

46. Blaze Bayley

Former Iron Maiden and current solo singer Blaze has a tremendous voice. It’s hard to compete against someone like Bruce Dickinson but Blaze did his best. Go give “The Clansmana listen.

45. Kip Winger

Put aside “Seventeen” and give a closer listen toDown Incognito” and “Blind Revolution Mad” and realize why we have Kip in the Top 50.

44. Stephen Pearcy

Stephen is the sole remaining original member of Ratt. Will we ever see a Ratt reunion? If not let’s cherish those awesome songs “Back for More” and “Round and Round”.

43. Gene Simmons

“The God of Thunder” Gene Simmons has been entertaining us since the early 70’s. Though his singing isn’t the greatest, his stage presence and theatrics makes him worthy of being in the Top 50.

42. Warrel Dane

He was the lead singer for Sanctuary and Nevermore. Dane was notable for his distinctively deep, dramatic voice.

41. Tom Keifer

Cinderella’s lead singer Tom Keifer fantastic voice is unlike anyone else. I suggest you go give “Nobody’s Fool” or “Shake Me” a listen.

40. Paul Stanley

Gone are the days when Paul and Gene would be in the Top 10 for metal singers but Paul is deserving of being in the Top 50. Go give “Lick it Up” a listen.

39. Kevin DuBrow

Who wasn’t sang Metal Health at the top of their lungs like a thousand times? Kevin’s unique voice helped Quiet Riot to the top of the Billboard Charts.

38. Gary Cherone

Besides the popular radio friendly songs, Gary has a awesome voice. Go give “III Sides to Every Story” a listen.

37. James LaBrie

Dream Theater’s James LaBrie spectacular voice makes him one of the best singers in Metal. Go give “Octavarium” a listen.

36. Michael Kiske

Michael Kiske has a tenor type voice and possesses an almost 4 octave vocal range, as he is capable of reaching extremely high notes. Many singers cite him as a major influence.

35. Sammy Hagar

The Red Rocker has been performing and entertaining fans since his time in Montrose, Van Halen and his solo career. Go give “Poundcake” a listen.

34. Randy Blythe

Lamb of God’s (not to be confused with Lambgoat) singer Randy Blythe aggressive and unique vocals make him very worthy of being in the top 50. I suggest you go give “Omens” a listen.

33. Mike Howe

Former Metal Church singer Mike Howe had a tremendous voice. Go check out “By the Numbers”.

32. Miljenko Matijević

Gotta say this man has a truly amazing voice. If you haven’t heard of him or say “Who” I suggest you go give “I’ll Never Let You Go” a listen.

31. John Bush

At one time John Bush was offered the job to be Metallica’s singer. Turning that down, John has built a career being in Anthrax and Armored Saint. Give “Only” a listen.

30. Joe Elliott

Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott talented voice has pleased many of his legions of fans. Go give “Rock of Ages” another spin!

29. Don Dokken

Don Dokken’s inspirational singing has left us Dokken fans hoping for some album in the future but it’s highly unlikely. That being said go give “Dream Warriors” a listen.

28. Chuck Billy

Testament’s Chuck Billy fierce voice has laid the groundwork for many to follow. Go give “Return to Serenity” a listen.

27. Udo Dirkschneider

Former Accept singer and current solo singer Udo belts those metal tunes like nobody else!! Now it’s time to go put your “Balls to the Wall”.

26. David Lee Roth

Diamond David Lee Roth has set the bar when it comes to the ultimate frontman. This showman has done it all. Go give “Dance the Night Awaya listen.

25. Blackie Lawless

One of my personal favourites, Blackie Lawless is back and stronger than ever. Go give “Blind in Texas” another listen.

24. Todd La Torre

Having now played on four Queensrÿche albums Todd is a tremendous singer and well deserving of that position. If you haven’t checked his solo album I suggest you do.

23. Tim Ripper Owens

Seriously can you be the former lead singer in one of the most famous metal bands in the world and not be able to sing? That aside go listen to “Cathedral Spires” or “Bullet Train” and tell us otherwise!!!

22. Alice Cooper

With no signs of retirement in the works, the legendary Alice Cooper continues to please fans with his dramatic stage shows. Clearly School’s not out for him anytime soon.

21. Tom Araya

Slayer’s Tom Araya aggressive singing has stood the test of time and others are still catching up. Go give “Reign in Blooda listen.

20. Vince Neil

Back in the 80’s Vince probably would be number one in Metal Edge or Hit Parader magazines top singers. Yes Vince can’t sing that great anymore but let’s go back to Shout at the Devil and the good old days!!

19. Dee Snider

Dee and Twisted Sister will be inducted into the Metal Hall of Fame this month. His leadership and talented voice has left us with some of rock’s most catchy songs like “We’re Not Gonna Take It”.

18. Joey Belladonna

Anthrax’s frontman Joey Belladonna is known for his wild, energetic stage behavior, and tenor vocal range. Go give “Madhouse” a listen.

17. David Coverdale

David Coverdale is known in particular for his powerful, blues-tinged voice as well as his vibrant, caring, and loving stage persona. If you haven’t blasted “Here I Go Again” a thousand times it’s clear you don’t have a good taste in music.

16. King Diamond

King Diamond is known for his powerful and wide-ranging countertenor singing voice, in particular his far-reaching falsetto screams. All hail the King!

15. Dave Mustaine

One of metal’s best frontman, Dave Mustaine has seen and done it all. Go give “Symphony of Destruction” a listen.

14. Corey Taylor

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor voice at times contains melodic singing, growling, screaming and shouting. I suggest you give “Dualitya listen.

13. Axl Rose

You know where you are? You’re in the jungle baby….. you’re gonna dieeeeee!!! Could we at least see a new Guns n’ Roses album within the next 20 years?

12. Lemmy Kilmister

As Lemmy once said “We’re Motörhead and we play Rock n’ Roll”. And that he did. Now all I need is a cigarette and a drink and crank “Ace of Spades” up full blast.

11. Klaus Meine

With such smash hits as Big City Nights and Rock you like a Hurricane, Klaus has been doing this for over 50 years. Who knows how long Scorpions will continue but damn let’s enjoy them while we still can.

10. Phil Anselmo

What’s everyone think of the Pantera reunion? Besides that Phil has been a driving force in metal for many years. I suggest you give “Cemetery Gates” a listen.

9. Robert Plant

Heavy Metal or not Robert Plant has one of the most amazing voices ever in Rock music and is worthy of being in the Top 10.

8. Sebastian Bach

Canadian boy Bach screams like no other. Just go listen to In a Darkened Room or Wasted Time and tell me he can’t sing!!!

7. Brian Johnson

AC/DC’s Brian Johnson is known for his distinctive singing voice and strong Geordie accent. Now it’s time to crank “Back in Black” one more time!

6. James Hetfield

Metallica’s frontman James Hetfield is still belting out the music and who’s excited for their new album 72 Seasons? Also, time to go back and give Battery and Whiplash a listen!!!

5. Geoff Tate

The fans voted for this and we couldn’t agree more!! Well deserving of being the number 5 Heavy Metal singer of all time.

4. Ozzy Osbourne

Some probably have the Prince of Darkness higher but no matter what Ozzy is truly one of the best Heavy Metal frontman of all time!!

3. Bruce Dickinson

Bruce the air raid siren Dickinson, one of metal’s best singers and frontman. He is known for his wide-ranging operatic vocal style and energetic stage presence. Now go give “The Number of the Beast” a listen.

2. Rob Halford

The Metal God has been delivering the goods for over 50 plus years. We ranked him the second best Heavy Metal frontman.

1. Ronnie James Dio

Former Black Sabbath and solo frontman Ronnie James Dio has been selected the best Heavy Metal singer of all time. Go give Heaven and Hell a listen!!!

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