German Heavy Metal Band VULTURE To Release Sentinels Album April 12th On Metal Blade Records

German Heavy Metal Band VULTURE To Release Sentinels Album April 12th On Metal Blade Records

If there is one band that combines a classic approach with fresh ideas and an expansive joy of playing to honor their ancestors from the likes of early Exodus, Metallica, or Slayer, then it is the German heavy metal hellions, VULTURE. On their fourth album Sentinels, set for release on April 12th via Metal Blade Records, they prove once again that tradition and further development are not mutually exclusive, but on the contrary can lead to something extraordinary that leaves no headbanger untouched.

“In direct comparison to the last album, Dealin' Death, we've picked up the pace again noticeably," elaborates guitarist Stefan Castevet. “We're bolder and a bit wilder again. It was important to us to be catchy and to include choruses that stick. Of course, we've basically retained our style, but we've defined the framework of the songs more clearly."

“In order to create such a monster as Sentinels, some changes were necessary. "It started with the songwriting, where we took more time than usual. We recorded a total of three demos with numerous songs, which we also produced to the best of our ability. This gave us the chance to let our songs sink in as relatively final versions so that we could then choose the best pieces and - at least in part - rework them again."

VULTURE again recorded with Marco Brinkmann in his Hellforge Studio where there were also some innovations. "We had a clearly structured daily routine, a normal working day with set goals in which we could focus purely on recording the songs. Our previous recordings were a bit less organized which resulted in working overtime for everyone involved at the end. This is one of the reasons why Sentinels is the best sounding VULTURE record to date!"

“In advance of the record’s release, today the band unleashes first single, “Unhallowed & Forgotten,” which serves as a blueprint for the VULTURE style: wild riffs, lots of breaks, and tone changes, furious solos, exploding toms, and a huge chorus! "Lyrically, we also stay true to ourselves,” notes Castevet. “The song is about the Blind Dead film series, whose thirst for blood, like ours, is difficult to quench.”

Watch VULTURE’s “Unhallowed & Forgotten” video, directed by Robert Piel  below.

Sentinels Track Listing:

  1. Screams From The Abattoir
  2. Unhallowed & Forgotten
  3. Transylvania
  4. Realm Of The Impaler
  5. Draw Your Blades
  6. Where There's A Whip (There Is A Way)
  7. Der Tod Trägt Schwarzes Leder
  8. Death Row
  9. Gargoyles
  10. Oathbreaker
  11. Sentinels (Heavier Than Time)

L. Steeler - vocals
S. Castevet – guitars
M. Outlaw – guitars
A. Axetinctör – bass
G. Deceiver – drums

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