GIVEAWAY: Enter To Win A Heavys H1H Headphones Bundle

GIVEAWAY: Enter To Win A Heavys H1H Headphones Bundle

We have teamed up with Heavys to give one lucky fan a prize package consisting of a Heavys H1 Headphones Bundle.

Features of the headphones:

+ World’s first headphones to mimic live music and Feel like you're at the concert

+ Immersive natural sound field powered by 8 speakers with patented placement, covering multiple frequency ranges in an optimized setup

+ 5 microphones

+ 50 hours of battery life

+ Wireless Bluetooth 5.1 + Wired Option

+ HellBlocker™ active noise cancellation

+ Transparency Mode

+ Super comfortable design

They also do custom designs!

Send an email to [email protected] and let us know which artist's design you are interested in. PLUS - CLICK HERE to sign up to know when the next Shell Collab Drops!

Check out Heavys Website for other cool stuff.

HEAVYS - Headphones Engineered for Heavy Metal
Headphones with 2 frequency ranges and 8 speakers so you can listen to heavy music the way it’s meant to be heard. Personalized sound field for an optimized superior metal listening experience. Over 30,000 music fans Ordered a Pair. Engineered by Axel Grell. Start listening now


`Heavys x This Day In Metal VIP Ticket Giveaway `

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