Inspired By True Crime... NARCOTIC WASTELAND's New Music Video Explores "Sex, Lies & DNA"

Inspired By True Crime... NARCOTIC WASTELAND's New Music Video Explores "Sex, Lies & DNA"

Exploring dark truth, along with spewing relentless death and thrash riffs, renowned metal band Narcotic Wasteland, led by the talented Dallas Toler-Wade (ex-Nile) unleashes their latest music video for their chilling new single entitled "Sex, Lies & DNA" featuring guest vocals from Andrea_N_Black. Showcasing the band's signature intense sound, with haunting lyrics, the video delves into the intriguing world of true crime.

Directed by bassist Kenji Tsunami, also of Tsunami Films, the video was shot at various locations during the band's summer tour across the USA and Canada.

"This video has some real grit to it... One of the venues we played at on the tour had an electric chair and a really creepy green room area that looked like a place where someone could be murdered. At that point, the band was like this is perfect! It fits the concept of Sex Lies and DNA. I am very happy with how the song and video turned out, and I cannot stress enough how proud I am of this band and this video!" adds Toler-Wade.

Captivating audiences with its thought-provoking themes and powerful instrumentation, "Sex, Lies & DNA" will be on the band's forthcoming third full-length "Digital Cordyceps" out on Megaforce Records in 2024 (release date TBD).

An impressive lineup of talented musicians whose synergy produces an electrifying sonic experience, Narcotic Wasteland features Dallas Toler-Wade on guitar and vocals, Brett Lee on lead guitar, Joseph Howard on drums, and Kenji Tsunami on bass.

Narcotic Wasteland is recommended for fans of Vader, Death, The Crown, Autopsy, Pestilence, and Nile.

Digital single for "Sex, Lies & DNA" available at the following links:

Digital Download -

For more info: | ​ | ​ | |

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