Paying Tribute to the Gods: An Interview with Conquest's Derrick Brumley

Paying Tribute to the Gods: An Interview with Conquest's Derrick Brumley
Derrick Brumley from Conquest (Photo Credit: Michael Williams)

Derrick Brumley told me a story about how his older brother's girlfriend left the first Black Sabbath record at his childhood home one day.  After listening to it, there was no turning back for the lead vocalist and guitarist of Conquest - he was destined for a life in metal music.

Like many of us, those first few Black Sabbath records are a gateway to the world of heavy metal music.  Eventually, you encounter the Dio-era Sabbath records, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden, before delving even deeper into the subgenres that have become so well established in the metal world today.   I think I speak for many of us when I say that this is a common progression for the seasoned metal fan.

Conquest's latest album Paradox, released on April 19th through Dark Star Records, lives in that sweet spot where Judas Priest, Dio, Testament, and Iron Maiden reside.  The album combines that old-school metal feel with a modern twist, resulting in a refreshing throwback sound that still feels current.

Brumley, an unabashed Priest fan, channels Rob Halford and Tim 'Ripper' Owens in his vocal style, with a dash of the rawness of Chuck Billy.  The dual guitar attack present on Paradox recalls the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and the metal forefathers we spoke about above.  The album contains 16 diverse tracks that span over 66 minutes;  some are straight forward rockers, some start slow and build to an apex, and a couple are acoustic-based, but they all combine to showcase the band's range over the course of the record.  Mike Crook's riffing and soloing, Rob Boyer's bass play, and Lee Skyles' drumming shine throughout the album, alongside their frontman's guitar and voice, thanks to slick production from Brumley himself that highlights each member's contributions.  The final track of Paradox is a cover of the Rainbow classic, 'Man on the Silver Mountain,' a nod to one of the metal gods that influenced the band's sound.

I was able to sit down with Derrick to discuss Paradox, the inspiration for his lyrical themes, and the challenges of touring.  We also touched on the time Conquest opened for Halford, what it was like to meet Ronnie James Dio, and his thoughts on the Pantera reunion tour.  After learning he traded a hockey stick for his first guitar, I even got his Stanley Cup Finals pick.  You can watch the full interview here:

Conquest's 10th full-length record Paradox is available on CD and vinyl through Dark Star Records.  It's also on all major streaming platforms, but as you'll see, the band prefers that you purchase a hard copy.  You can order or stream it here:

Conquest is still working on a full slate of tour dates to support Paradox, but you can catch them at Diamond's Music Hall in St. Peter's, Missouri on Wednesday, June 12th with Burning Witches.  You can find further ticket information here or at

One of the singles from Paradox: "The Writing's on the Wall."

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