Interview: Ol Drake of Evile

Interview: Ol Drake of Evile

Evile are often cited as one of the leaders in the resurgence of the thrash metal genre in the early 00s. Earlier in July this year, they released their 6th studio album 'The Unknown;' you can read our full review of the record here.

Lindsay C had a chance to sit down with vocalist and guitarist Ol Drake to talk about the new album, the history of the band, the financial difficulties bands face now and who his dream festival lineup would be, plus more!

Ol Drake says:

"every album we do, we kinda don't want to repeat ourselves ever. We never want to do 'Enter the Grave 2,' or 'Five Serpent's Teeth 2,' because it already exists. We're never going to do that, so that's why the newest album is so different because the last one was so aggressive and fast and speedy, it's like we never wanna do the same thing again, so we completely flipped it."

Check out the full interview on our YouTube channel below!

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